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Scotland A Beautiful Country with A
Deep History in Fine Arts

Tourism in Scotland accounts for a large portion of the country's output and employs over 200,000 workers in the service industry. Scotland is a pristine country with unblemished green lands and valleys to compliment the alluring atmosphere. The historic sites make up a large percentage of the tourist attractions available in Scotland. Most foreign visitors to Scotland come from the United Kingdom with a much smaller percentage coming from other countries. The countryside in Scotland is well known for its idyllic natural scenery and the lush vegetation that covers the land. An alternative to the countryside is the cosmopolitan cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow making Scotland travel diverse and unique.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh and it is perhaps the most popular travel destination in Scotland. The heart of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features a number of ancient treasures and museums for exploration. The city of Edinburgh is known for its rich literary influence and the leading Arts Festival held in August. Some other landmarks to visit in Scotland are the Holyrood Palace, the Edinburgh Castle, St. Giles' Cathedral, Gladstone's Land, the Scottish Parliament, the Royal Botanic Garden, and the Edinburgh Zoo. Each of these shows a unique side to Scottish culture whether it be the verdant gardens decorated with distinctive plants or the royal stronghold of the Edinburgh Castle or the beautiful painted ceiling found in Gladstone's Land, these attractions will give an explorer much to remember. If you have trouble navigating the city, find an Edinburgh guide to assist you.

Outside of Edinburgh, Glasgow and other major cities like Stirling attract tourists. In addition to stunning cities, Scotland also has a dazzling mountain range called the Cairngorns, and this is also a national park that can be explored by foot or by car. Scotland is a country that has a lot of remote areas that would be great to appreciate. The small towns with the largely unspoiled terrain is a gift to any nature lover. One of the most notable features of this country is the pride the citizens have in their country's rich art and literature influence. Festivals are also extremely popular in Scotland and can be a great time to get to know local people so check to see which festivals are going on at the time, and mark it on your itinerary A travel planner can be good to find information on flights and hotel accommodations. Video travel guides can also help you see which part of the country you are most inclined to visit.


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