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The Picturesque City of Edinburgh in Scotland

Edinburgh's picturesque country side and enchanting city streets are filled with the ambiance and charm only found in Scotland. The pristine city is filled with attractions that will fill any travel itinerary. Edinburgh has a unique history that interlocks with the bright modern Scottish environment. See medieval palaces, Gothic cathedrals, mesmerizing museums, and historical and modern art galleries.

The Holyrood Palace is a magnificent castle situated on the outskirts of Edinburgh, and this is definitely a location that is worth a visit. The crown peaks and the exquisite design of the building make it a picturesque scene with the backdrop of the green hillsides and forestry. Some other landmarks to explore while in Edinburgh are the Edinburgh Castle, St. Giles' Cathedral, Camera Obscura, and the Royal Botanic Garden. The Edinburgh Zoo is another fantastic site to see while you are in the city. Edinburgh travel can include so many different facets: spend a day exploring the museums and galleries, meandering along the river, or visiting one of the theatres for a concert.


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There are a number of great festivals in Edinburgh, so you may want to consult with a video Edinburgh travel guide to determine when the best time of year is to visit. With a video guide, you will get a visual of the area before you visit so that you can better understand the locations that you want to add to your trip while you're visiting Edinburgh. A map of Edinburgh can be very helpful to navigating the city and finding the best attractions. Restaurants in Edinburgh offer you the chance to explore traditional Scottish cuisine or experience the immense collection of other eateries in the city of Edinburgh. Travel from London to Edinburgh by plane or by train to get to the city quickly and easily.