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Gateway to the Islands and a Beautiful Harbor
Town -- Oban, Scotland

In the summertime, Oban is a tourist haven with throngs of people exploring the lovely town nestled on the water's edge. In the winter, it is a very peaceful city with a pleasant bay area and scenic vistas surrounding the town. Many people travel to Oban because it is a central location that allows you to visit the surrounding islands by boat or ferry. Many holidaymakers want to stay in Oban because of the delicious restaurants and cozy bars that line the streets. The friendly locals make visiting Oban all the more enjoyable.

In addition to the bars and restaurants frequented by the natives, you may also want to visit some of the landmarks around the city. McCaig's Tower is situated in the best position to look over the Oban bay from above. You can leisurely stroll up the hill to the top of the tower for a remarkable view of Kerrera and Mull. The waters you can observe from this point are truly spectacular, and then you can zip on over to the Dunollie Castle for a glimpse of the magnificent architecture found in Oban. There are a number of other castles and museums to keep you busy on your trip, and the War & Peace Museum is one of the most popular sites to see because it is an iconic representation of the role of Oban in the world wars


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For activities and accommodations, a video travel guide will give you a virtual experience of the city and give you information on the best places to stay. Cottages are very pleasing in Oban, and they are equipped with self-service amenities to make your stay enjoyable. Ferries from Oban operate daily so you will be able to travel to the nearby islands. You will find transportation from Glasgow to Oban by air, by bus, or by train so you can choose your travel methods of choice to enter the city.