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  • Scotland has six cities. Glasgow is the largest with a population of approximately 620,000 people (more than two million in the metro area) while the capital, Edinburgh, has around 450,000, with Aberdeen next at about 220,000 inhabitants.

    • Edinburgh (Gaelic: Dun Eideann ) - the capital of Scotland, home to the World's largest Arts Festival every August and the First European City of Literature. Most of the city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • Aberdeen (Gaelic: Obar Dheathain ) - Scotland's third largest city, the Oil & Gas Capital of Europe, home to two universities
    • Dumfries (Gaelic: Dun Phris ) - main town in the southern Scotland/Borders area
    • Dundee (Gaelic: Dun De ) - vibrant city with high population of students and one of the most distinct (incomprehensible) accents you'll hear
    • Glasgow (Gaelic: Glaschu ) - Scotland's largest city and at one time the largest ship building industry in the world.
    • Inverness (Gaelic: Inbhir Nis ) - fast growing capital of the Highlands
    • Stirling (Gaelic: Sruighlea ) - a royal fortress city with a vibrant modern outlook. It was granted city status in 2002

Source: Wikitravel.org