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Serbia Landmarks and National Parks

  • Guca a village in Dragacevo district where a famous brass music festival is held annually.
  • Kopaonik National Park as well as the ski-resort in the Kopaonik Mountain in southern Serbia.
  • Palic the lovely lake area in the north with baroque parks, the monuments of art nouveau architecture and long tradition in catering made it fashionable summer resort. Palic is the host of a film festival, World Ethno Music Festival, and various sporting events.
  • Soko Banja the road to Sokobanja detaches on 200-th kilometer of the motorway Belgrade - Athens. Sokobanja is situated in basin between the mountains Rtanj(1,560m) and Ozren(1,117m), 400m above the sea level. Sokobanja is a famous spa and tourist place in Serbia for its moderate continental climate and immense surfaces of woods, fresh air and a lot of thermo-mineral sources. They all make Sokobanja an exceptional place in Serbia.
  • Staro Selo 3 kilometers south of Velika Plana, it has an all wooden 19th century church, build by Vujica Vulicevic, with then ruler of Serbia, prince Milos Obrenovic, in repentance for their role in the death of ?orde Petrovic Karadorde in the near vicinity, the commander-in-chief in the first phase of the War of restoration (First Serbian uprising)against the Ottoman empire. The reason for its wooden structure is so that in the oncoming attack of the Turks, it could be easily dismantled and moved to a safer location. Regarded as national Serbian treasure.
  • Zlatibor a very famous mountainous tourist site and ski-resort in the southwest


Source: Wikitravel.org