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Serbia Famous Places to Visit

  • Belgrade (Beograd / ) capital of Serbia
  • Nis The third largest city in Serbia.
  • Pozarevac One of the oldest cities in Serbia with a large historic heritage.
  • Kragujevac The first capital of modern Serbia, industrial hub and the 4th largest city in Serbia.
  • Kraljevo
  • Novi Sad Provincial Capital of Vojvodina and second largest city (after Belgrade)
  • Smederevo a medieval capital of Serbia. It was also a capitol during the 1st Serbian Uprising against the Turks in the early XIX century. It has a medieval fortress built in XV century by despot Djuradj Brankovic and it is the largest lowland medieval fortress in Europe.
  • Sremska Mitrovica one of the oldest cities in Serbia and in Europe. Known as Sirmium in Roman Empire, it was one of the four capitals during tetrarchy period.
  • Subotica has been rated as one of the most beautiful cities of Serbia. It is in North Serbia, and is the closest city to Palic. Main languages are Serbian and Hungarian.
  • Vrsac One of the most beautiful cities in Serbia
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