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Slovakia is located in central Europe and has a rapidly developing tourism industry. The country is well known for its natural environment and features wonders like mountains, national parks, caves, and beautiful panoramic vistas. Slovakia land consists of quite a bit of limestone and water, and together, they have formed a lot of caves great for an explorer's adventure. Winter sports are a common activity in Slovakia. Slovakia is also a place to observe waterfalls and deep canyons. The country is the home to the most castles and chateaux in the world making it a gold mine for any history enthusiast. Some castles are still preserved in pristine, livable condition with all the furnishings while some are merely ruins.


The Capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. A guide to the largest city in Slovakia will make finding distinct landmarks and accommodations easier. Bratislava offers several notable cathedrals and churches to seek out. The architectural structures on the outside and the intricately inlaid designs on the inside of the Franciscan church are truly captivating. Other churches to consider visiting are St. Clare's church, St. Martin's Cathedral, Church of the Holy Savior, and the Blue Church (also known as the Church of St. Elisabeth). A wide variety of Museums exist in the capital of Slovakia and some of the most influential are the Bratislava City Museum, Chatam Sofer Mausoleum and the Jewish Cemetery, and the Slovak National Gallery. Art displays are common with some artists dating back centuries or new artists just discovering their talents.


For a more relaxing ambiance, visit the city's botanical gardens or one of the many national parks. A video travel guide can help you find the best hotel in Slovakia. Guides are also great to find deals on flights and ideas for travel destinations. Slovakians use the Euro as their currency so if you are not acquainted with the European Union's form of currency, make sure to find information on exchange rates before leaving home. Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, and a pocket dictionary can come in handy in case you need to converse with a local for advice on local hot spots not listed in the travel guides. It may also make your stay more enjoyable to get a feel for native life in the country as it is sometimes extremely diverse from countries like the United States. Travel to Slovakia offers a wide range of activities and interests to suit any travelers needs, and you can be sure to enjoy cultural heritage, history, and majestic natural beauty during your trip.

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