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Slovakia Tourist Information and Tips

There is a myth that fried cheese is often considered as substitute of meat. That is a long way from the truth. For more information visit Slovensko. However, a thick fried slice of cheese served with French fries and a salad is a common Slovak dish. It is served in most restaurants.


For non-alcoholic drinks try Vinea, a soft drink made from grapes, in both red and white and also non-carbonated. Kofola, a Coke-type soft drink, is also very popular among locals and is available both on tap and bottled. Slovakia is one of three countries in the world where Coca-cola is not the number one in the market.

Mineral waters are some of the best in the World and can offer positive effects, such as helping get rid of heart burn. There are many types available from shops and supermarkets, for example Budis, Rajec, Dobra Voda, Zlata studna, Mattoni etc. Others are only available directly from the many spas that naturally spring up all over the place.



Cultural Events

  • International Film Festival Artfilm - Yearly in June/July in Trencianske Teplice and Trencin.
  • International Film Festival Cinematik - Yearly in early September in Piestany. Young and relatively small film festival. Accreditation for the whole festival is less than 7.
  • International Film Festival Bratislava - forever in December.
  • Comics-Salon- A event dedicated to Japanese Anime & Manga, Fantasy and SciFi and its fans, but not only them! Great atmosphere, friendly folk and lots of fun awaits you there. This events roots stretch back to 2004, when it was held in "Suza" for the first time. Now, once every year early in September Bratislava enjoys the rush of fine individuals from all over Europe to participate in this unique event. For the past 2 years, the location was moved to "Istropolis" exhibition halls due to space constraints.

Music Events

  • Pohoda Music Festival- one of the biggest Slovak music festivals. Yearly in July in Trencin.
  • Aquabeatz - one of the many local events you should definitely not miss. Yearly twice in February and July in Nove Zamky. Divided to Winter and Summer edition - WE being held within the clubbing complex itself, while SE being held open air at the city's so called "Airport" just ask the locals for directions.


There is a wide diversity of rooms available in Slovakia. These range fromAquaCity, based in Poprad, through to budget priced rooms in rental chalets.



Stay safe

In case of an emergency, call 112, the universal emergency number. For police you can call 158, ambulance 155, and firefighters 150.

When visiting mountain areas of Slovakia, especially the High Tatra, inform hotel personnel of your trip plans, so that rescuers can be sent to find you if you don't return to the hotel. Also, when visiting High Tatras, contact local mountain rescue service of your intent, they may even provide you with a safety guidelines. Beware: the weather in High Tatras is prone to sudden changes, especially during spring and autumn.

Stay healthy

No vaccination is necessary to visit or stay in Slovakia although if you plan to visit countryside areas, tick vaccination is recommended. Also Hepatitis "A" and "B" vaccination is advisable as with all European countries.

Tap water is drinkable everywhere - according to one study, water used as tap water in the Bratislava-Vienna region is the cleanest in the world. If you prefer mineral waters, you can choose from multitude of marks, since Slovakia has probably highest numbers of natural mineral water springs per capita. Dark blue or Red label usually indicates carbonated ones ("perliva"), a green label indicates mildly carbonated ones ("mierne perliva") and white, pink or baby blue indicates those without carbon dioxide ("neperliva").


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