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Located on the Gulf of Trieste in the Mediterranean, Izola, Slovenia offers a variety of Izola attractions, cuisine, fishing, winemaking and more. The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea as well as the countryside with numerous valleys and hills surround the town. Not only do you find a variety of traditional accommodations and inns, the area also offers farm tourism with attractions and lodging.

Izola is a small fishing village with a warm-spirit and romantic appeal. It has been said that once you visit Izola, the memory will forever be engrained in your mind. Izola travel has something for everyone from ancient architecture to ancient legends. One can explore the Italian and Slovenian culture of Izola through the many museums, art studios and galleries.

The history of the town dates back to the first century A.D. when it was an island in the sea. It was later connected to the coast by a stone bridge. The town walls were demolished in the early 19 th century and the ruins from the city were used to create the bridge from the island to the coast.


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Sightseeing Of Izola

Winemaking is also popular in Izola. There are many wineries and wine cellars open to the public. Driving the wine roads, you'll find acres of family owned wineries and cellars where you can purchase wine by the bottle or explore the vineyards themselves with their rows of terraced grape vines.

In addition to wine, you'll also find that many of the wineries specialize in extra virgin olive oil and olives as well. Farm Slavec offers bulk bottled wines as well as bottled extra virgin olive oil that you can sample and take home.

The architectural heritage of Izola is evident throughout the city. The many churches, palaces, streets and parks show the various cultural influences the city has as well as the various different architecture used over the years as Izola transitioned from a little fishing island to a destination connected to the mainland.