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Top Attractions in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Located in the center of the country in the Ljubljana Basin, it is home 270,000 people. A people who have been influenced greatly by the German, Latin and Slavic cultures, as Ljubljana has served as a crossroads for many countries. Today, the city is the educational, economic, cultural, and political center of Slovenia. It offers transportation connections as well as various institutions for industry, science and research.

Ljubljana's climate is oceanic with warm summers and moderate winters. The city experiences only 90 days of frost each year, but snow is common from December to February. The city is known for thunderstorms from May to September, as well as having fog for about 120 days per year.

Not many people have heard of Ljubljana, but those that have know that it is a wonderful city to visit. As the capital of Slovenia, the city is home to a wide variety of cultural sites, historic locations, and unique architecture. When you visit Ljubljana, you will definitely want to choose the attractions listed above. These would definitely be considered must see sites of the city.


Ljubljana Old Town

In the old town area, you will find a combination of history and modern shops. You can definitely feel the culture of the city here and you will see numerous architecturally beautiful buildings. Many of the buildings were designed by renowned architect, Joze Plecnik. In addition to viewing the architecture of the old town area, you will want to stop at the small shops and cafes. There are a number of open air flower and vegetable markets to enjoy while you stroll the streets.


Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana Castle is extremely historic, but as it has suffered damage through the years, numerous different architects have been commissioned to rebuild it. This means that you will be able to see architecturally interesting structures from a number of historic decades. When you visit, be sure to climb the tower to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and do not forget to enjoy the historic beauty of the chapel as well. The castle can be reached on foot, but to make the day more interesting, consider a gondola ride to the site.


Preseren Square

Named for the famous poet, France Preseren, the square includes a statue of the man gazing at his muse, while the woman who loved him stands behind him scorned. It is a unique piece of history for the area and definitely worth seeing. The square offers a uniquely cultural feel and you will find that there are a variety of shops, boutiques and cafes all around the square. Located right at the edge of the old town area, the square is a good, central place to start the day during your visit.


Triple Bridge

This bridge is considered the most well known landmark in Ljubljana and was designed by their well known architect, Joze Plecnik. It connects Presernov and the old town area over the River Lijubjanica. There are a total of three bridges that also will allow you to connect to the castle if you would like to visit it. Along the bridges, you will find plenty of shops and cafes to enjoy while you soak in the local culture. The Triple Bridge is known as a great photo opportunity to enjoy pictures of various sites in the city.


Franciscan Church

Located in the Preteren Square, the Franciscan Church is an important piece of history in the capital city. It is architecturally significant and provides beautiful views. The church is also home to a number of religious concerts and events that can be fun to enjoy if you are in town during them. Because the Franciscan Church is located centrally, it is close to the Three Bridges, the castle and much more. You will easily be able to walk to various areas of the city and a tour of the church will only take about half an hour.

If you are planning a visit to Ljubljana, then you will definitely need to know what things you should see and do. The attractions above make a great place to start your journey through this historic city.


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Sightseeing Of Ljubljana

The architecture Ljubljana is that of Baroque and Vienna Secession. The city has a strong Austrian influence, however after the 1511 earthquake, the city was rebuilt in the Baroque style with Renaissance influence. After the 1895 earthquake, the city was once again rebuilt only in a Vienna Secession style. Sections of the city that were built following World War II, include touches of the Slovene architect Joze Plecick.

One of the most popular Ljubljana attractions is the Ljubljana Castle. This medieval castle sits on the summit of the hill in the city center. The castle was previously a fortress built during the 12 th Century and was later demolished and rebuilt into a castle with furnished towers. It was designed to defend the area against the Ottoman's and peasant revolt. During the 17 th and 18 th centuries, it served as a military hospital and arsenal. Later it was used as a prison by the Austrian Empire. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction with funicular linking it to the city center.

Other popular Ljubljana travel sights include the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Dragon Bridge, Tivoli Park, and Butcher's Bridge.