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Welcome to City of Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka is a small town in Slovenia. The city is a thousand years old and offers has the quintessential look of small town Slovenia with its red roofs and unspoiled natural surroundings. The town sits where the Poljanska Sora and Selska Sora rivers form a confluence and for 830 years, the town was owned by the Bishops of Freising. Over the many centuries, it has endured hardship caused by war and natural disasters, but yet it still perseveres and works to be an important part of the Slovenia economy.


This well-preserved medieval town offers a rich cultural heritage and unspoiled nature. It has even been given the name "Gallery in Nature." The heritage of Skoja Loka can be split into two areas, one devoted to architecture and the other to religious heritage. Although, the architectural heritage and the religious heritage comingle in that much of the unique architecture is found in the churches of the town. Although the castle, the stone bridges and various historical houses also offer a variety of medieval architecture to take in and enjoy. The small town of approximately 22,000 people offers nine churches to visit as well.


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Sightseeing Of Skofja Loka

The oldest part of the town offers several Skofja Loka attractions such as the Loka Castla, built prior to 1202. It reigns above the medieval city below. The Loka Castle standing watch over the town is a museum and cultural event center. Here you will find many permanent exhibitions as well as cultural events.

Visitors to Skofja Loka will be encounter numerous sights of interest in this thousand year old town that has worked hard to preserve it natural surroundings and old city center. The people are warm and friendly and artistic. Over the years the people have flourished in their crafts which including blacksmithing, weaving, furriers, stove makers, potters and more.