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Barcelona Travel Advice,Info and Guide: A beautiful blend of Natural Scenery
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Barcelona Travel Advice


Traveling to Barcelona, Spain for Beauty, Sun, and Fiestas

A beautiful blend of natural scenery with sprawling plains, magnificent seascapes, and verdant forestry, Barcelona is a travel destination with a lot to offer any explorer, adventurer, or nature enthusiast. In addition to the rich vegetation and the lovely seas, you will also be able to find some of the most pristinely kept Gothic architecture in Europe. In addition to the stunning Gothic-style buildings are some very bizarre places that add to the charm and appeal of this intriguing town in Spain.

The winding roads and the enchanting squares make it a desirable place to walk, and this is often the best mode of travel because it will allow you to experience the surreal beauty and Gaudi architecture on the streets of Barcelona. There are some famous areas that you should travel in Barcelona including La Rambla, El Portal de l'Angel, and La Placa Catalunya. You can also spend your days resting on the beaches, and there are several miles worth of boardwalk to explore as well. After you have spent your time at the beach, you may want to visit the Barri Gotic, which is a medieval center in the city that has been very well preserved.


Barcelona Map


Top Attractions in Barcelona

There are also several festivals that can be seen throughout the city. The fiestas are some of the most lively and energetic in all of Spain. When the Sonar Music Festival is being held, you can spend three days savoring the unique arts, music, and multimedia presentations offered in Spain, and you can also check out the Festes de la Merce, Festes de Gracia, and Festes de Sants depending on the time of year that you choose to travel to Barcelona. There are a number of attractions that will make a Barcelona weekend unforgettable, and knowing where to stay is half of the battle.

Barcelona is home to some of the most beautiful and lavish hotels in Spain, but there are also economical choices that will make your trip less expensive yet still just as exciting. A travel guide will help you more easily navigate the city and plan your trip because there are so many captivating places that should be seen in Barcelona. The weather is typically mild, but it does get very hot in the summer. So it is best to come to Barcelona at a time when the climate offers more temperate conditions.

The language most often spoken in Barcelona is Catalan, but Spain also recognizes Spanish as an official language. In many of the tourist areas in the city, there will be people that understand and can converse in English, which should make acclimating to your surroundings much easier. It is still important to put forth an effort to speak Catalan if at all possible since it is the national language in Spain.

If you are interested in enjoying the Mediterranean feel of many cultures located around the sea, then you will definitely want to enjoy Barcelona. Located in Catalonia, Barcelona offers a variety of things to see and do including unique architecture, the Gothic Quarter, and the cuisine that is known around the world for being a culinary delight. When you visit Barcelona, you will need to know the top attractions that you will not want to miss. Here are five attractions located in the city that you will definitely want to enjoy.


Cattedrale Santa Maria Del Mar

If you enjoy Gothic architecture, then you will want to visit the Cattedrale Santa Maria Del Mar. This cathedral is one of the finest pieces of Gothic architecture that you will find in the city. In addition to offering the amazing architecture, the cathedral performs the Stations of the Cross ceremony on a daily basis. For anyone interested in Catholic and religious ceremony and history, then this is something to not be missed. During services, the cathedral gets quite busy, so if you would prefer to avoid crowds, you may want to visit later in the day.


Church of the Sacred Family

Antoni Gaudi is well known for creating modern Gothic architecture that can be seen throughout Barcelona. This architecture is extreme in detailing and very breathtaking in style. One of the best places you can go to see this style would be the Church of the Sacred Family. Both the interior and the exterior of the church are worth viewing, so be sure to enjoy a tour. If you would like to avoid the crowds, then be sure to visit the church early in the morning before most tourists are out and about.


Palace of Catalan Music

A number of different performances are held at the Palace of Catalan Music, so you may find yourself wanting to visit again and again. If you do not wish to visit during a concert, you can enjoy a guided tour that will give you a unique glimpse into the history of music. If you do choose to visit during a concert, you will find that such options as orchestra, guitar and flamenco are held there on a regular basis. The guided tour at the palace lasts about an hour, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

Gothic Quarter

As mentioned, Barcelona is known for its Gothic architecture and this can be best seen in the Gothic quarter. This area of the city includes a whole neighborhood of Roman and Medieval structures that include unique and historic architecture. The quarter is full of winding walking streets and you will find a mix of homes and dining establishments. There are numerous Tapas bars that have become world renowned. As you stroll the streets and enjoy the architecture, be sure to stop into one of these cafes and enjoy a traditional meal from the area.

Casa Batilo

If you would like to see a glimpse of what is referred to as modernist architecture in Barcelona, the Casa Batilo is extremely unique and a delight to the eyes. Another structure built by Gaudi, the house is a part of the area called the Block of Discord. Casa Batilo is a museum now and certainly worth a visit. The house is rather large, so be sure to schedule enough time to enjoy the whole place. Additionally, do not forget to stroll around the area and enjoy the other Art Nouveau works around the Block of Discord.

When you visit Barcelona, you will find a unique mix of modern and historic, making it quite a fun city to enjoy.