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Madrid Travel Info and Guide
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The Invigorating Cultural and Financial Capital of Spain Madrid

Madrid is an absolutely stunning city, and it is undeniably one of the most culturally diverse and distinct regions in Spain. The royal history is often at the heart of the architecture and artwork that can be found in the city, and it is also known as an area with many outstanding cathedrals. The medieval architecture found in Madrid is unlike that found in any other area, and although the city has its roots in the past, there is also a lively and energetic culture with festivities and celebrations held throughout the year.


Since Madrid is the capital of Spain, there are also a number of residents and governmental authorities hard at work to ensure the country's continuing prosperity. This has led to the development of new innovations and ideas to promote the city's charming appeal. You will find a multitude of shops and boutiques in Spain that offer excellent quality items for travelers to enjoy. After you have finished shopping, you may want to zip over to some of the best restaurants in the area like La Cada del Abuelo.


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Sightseeing Of Madrid

Madrid has a wide selection of excellent restaurants, and there are also a variety of different types of cuisine available for you to enjoy. Bars are all over the place in Madrid, and you can experiment with the exotic flavors of their beverages. Madrid is often alive at all hours of the night with some partygoers still celebrating in the early morning hours. There are thousands of things to do in Madrid, Spain, so you will not only be able to enjoy the resounding nightlife, but you will also be able to partake in the festivities and concerts as well as visiting the many wonderful landmarks.


When visiting Madrid, the area's museum and art gallery can give you a more detailed look into the culture and history of the area. Some of the finest art in the world is held in the collections at the Museo del Prado. The Reina Sofia National Museum and Art Center is another fabulous place to explore excellent pieces of modern artwork. This museum has works by Pablo Picasso, Dali, and Kandinsky, among many others. There are also museums that are tailored to specific interests, like the Archaeology Museum, the Naval Museum, and the Museo de Lazaro Galdiano. The Palacio Real is also worthy of exploration, as it is one of the royal palaces that serves to illustrate the dynamic beauty and vibrancy of Madrid.