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Travel to San Sebastian for Sun and Sand

The beaches in San Sebastian are enticing for surfers and beach goers, and the city is unique in that you can be sunbathe next to the brilliant buildings and churches found throughout the city. The city has an inviting ambiance, and it is a very charming small city. The city is filled with restaurants serving delicious varieties of fresh fish, and you can also shop for haute couture at one of the designer shops.

Some of the best attractions in San Sebastian are the Mount Igueldo, the Miramar Palace, and the El Pico del Loro. The palace has a beautiful park that is ideal for relaxing or having a picnic. The most populated areas of the city of San Sebastian are the beaches. There are two beaches that you may want to visit on your trip called La Concha, a larger bay area with its own private island. Bring your own umbrellas and lounge by the beautiful sea or visit the crags rocks located on other areas of the beach. The other beach that is definitely worthy of exploration is the La Zurriola, and it is a smaller beach with a lot of activities. This is a prime location for surfing and other recreational activities like beach volleyball, kayaking, or body boarding. Another of the most popular activities in San Sebastian is to hike to the Statue of Christ or to the Zurriola hill.


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Sightseeing Of San Sebastian

Hostels and restaurants are found all over the area, and there are great accommodations for reasonable prices found in this area of Spain. You may want to take a train to San Sebastian; this is one of the most popular ways to travel in Spain. If you are looking to stay somewhere other a hostel, you may want to consider one of the many pensions in San Sebastian as these can be fairly inexpensive and still give you all of the accommodations you need for a memorable vacation. A video guide can help you see which part of the city you want to stay in and help you find the best restaurants and shops in the city.