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Sweden’s Enchanting Cities and Beautiful Countrysides

Sweden is an enchanting country with charming landscapes and brilliantly designed architecture. Some of the best places in Sweden to visit are the capital, Stockholm, Uppsala, Kalmar, Gota Canal, and Crystal Country. In addition to these areas, there are a lot of charming towns in rural areas that could be explored for a more thorough travel experience. Most of these towns are well-restored and kept in immaculate condition.

Stockholm is a delightfully stunning city marked by its stately appearance. The curvy roads in Old Town are made of cobblestone and weave delicately through the city. Stockholm is rich with Swedish crystal and plentiful shopping opportunities. Shopping can consist of some of the world's most high fashion designers or of picturesque boutiques nestled throughout the city. The Wasa Museum is a landmark that should definitely be explored on a trip to Sweden. Travel accommodations and transportation are easily found through travel guides. Or a trip planner can give specific advice based on the information that you provide them on what you would like your trip to encompass. Stockholm is also known for its art concentration and annual festivities. Before you arrive, check to see which festivities are going on in the region at that time. The country is filled with historical museums and unique architecture to interest the history enthusiast.

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The Royal Family of Sweden has its current residence at Drottingholm Palace, and this is another wonderful landmark to visit while in Sweden. Originally constructed 400 years ago, the palace has undergone a lot of renovations. The Palace has a church, a theater, and gardens situated throughout the property.

Sweden has a lot of natural attractions. For example, the Oland Island, known as the ‘island of sun and wind,' is known for its genuine natural environment. Resorts are located on the northern inner area of the island. More information on Oland Island and other beautiful locations like Lake Silja can be found in Sweden travel guides. A majority of the country is made up of waterways and green land creating beautiful views and scenery for a day trip. Ski resorts, the Fjords, and the world's largest polar bear park comprise some of the other great attractions that Sweden has to offer. A Sweden travel guide may help plan your trip more efficiently since there is such a large breadth of information to consider when visiting the country. If you are traveling from a different country into Sweden, it is important to note currency exchange rates and insurance policies.

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