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Traveling to Helsingborg for Beaches and Bliss

The beautiful little town of Helsingborg is located in the Swedish Scania province. While many people may pass through this town, it is an often overlooked tourist destination. However, this town boasts a number of tremendous attributes including a beautiful coast, lavish castles, and thrilling museums. There is also an array of shops lining the streets, and a stroll down the Kullagatan will allow you to access some of the best shopping in the area. You may also want to visit Vala, which is one of the most expansive shopping areas in the city.


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Sightseeing Of Helsingborg

Helsingborg, Sweden is a place to visit if you want time away from the other popular tourist destinations in Sweden. It is a place of magical presence and grandeur with several castles that give the area a sense of style and grace. The Helsingborg Castle was damaged many years ago, and its remnants overlook the bay with impressive archways hovering above the steps. The Sofiero Castle was built in the 1800's, and it was home to the royal family for some time. This castle is most famously known for its gardens, but there is also an art gallery and a great restaurant found on the grounds. Tourist information is available on this beautiful castle, and it is definitely a site worthy of exploration on any trip to Helsingborg, Sweden.

Vacations to Helsingborg are not complete without taking a dip in the sea and visiting some of the other area attractions like the Dunker's Culture House and the Ramlosa Brunnsaprk. However, at some point, you will need to rest your head, and there are many great hotels in Helsingborg that can accommodate you. The accommodations range from high class to quaint hostels, so you will have some options to consider when you are selecting your hotel on holiday.