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Kiruna, Sweden – A Remarkably Beautiful Town with an Ice Hotel

A very unique town, Kiruna is located in the northern corner of Sweden. Kiruna is most well known for its underground mind and a number of space projects that include satellites and other interesting technologies. This beautiful town is home to one of the most marvelous town halls and churches, and it is also surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. Kiruna is a gateway to the Lapland, and you can easily reach the highest mountain peak at Kebnekaise in very little time from Kiruna. Travel to this area during the summer, and you will experience nearly 24 hours of sunlight. The winter months last for a very long time, and it can be dark for most of the day during the first part of January. The weather in this area is varied, so you may want to plan your trip in the spring or early summer for the best climate.


The area attractions make this one of the best places to visit in Sweden, and you can also take advantage of the wonderful activities offered in the area like dancing, swimming, safaris into the wilderness, tours of the mine and the space facility, among many others. During the winter, you can take a tour of the Nordic lights or go dogsledding. Snowmobiles tours are also available as well as skiing and fishing on the ice.


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Sightseeing Of Kiruna

The Ice Hotel in Kiruna is an excellent place to stay, and it is completely unique. This hotel is made of ice, and it is world renowned for this innovative approach to architecture, design, and construction. Normal rooms are available in the ice hotel. The ice rooms are very expensive, so it may be best to check into one of the ‘warm rooms.' There are also other hotels in Kiruna that offer some wonderful accommodations. The Hotel Rallaren is complete with sauna, restaurant, and an outdoor tub, and the Scandic Ferrum is one of the larger hotels that you will find in the city. There are also less expensive hotels to choose from if you want to find a less expensive alternative.