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Planning a Wonderful Getaway to Malmo, Sweden


The marvels of Malmo make it one of Sweden's greatest cities. The influence of other major metropolitan areas like Copenhagen can be seen in the inner workings of the city. This multi-cultural hot spot is teeming with life and unique crafts that make it an exciting and exhilarating place to explore. The Malmo City Hall is a wonderful site to behold, and you should also explore other areas of Malmo's Big Square like the Kockska Huset and the statue of King Karl X Gustav. Malmo travel plans can also include a trip to the beautiful, aged Malmohus Castle or the Technology and Maritime Museum.

There are a variety of things to do in this area of Sweden, and Malmo offers a glimpse into the transforming culture of the city that is so closely tied to Copenhagen. Shopping in Malmo will consist of visiting one of the give major plazas, and then travelers can also stop in for a respite at one of the area cafes. Many types of items can be found at the shops in Malmo, but you probably won't want to spend too much time away from the attractions. The Castle Garden, the beautiful churches, and the delightful squares require at least a few days before you will be able to experience fully the city of Malmo.



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A quality hotel is not difficult to come by in Malmo, and you will be able to choose from the less costly hotels or a 5 star Marriott Renaissance Hotel. These hotels can make any stay in Malmo more pleasurable. When you are in Sweden, it is also an experience to visit some of the area restaurants. There are many options to choose from in terms of food and quality, and many of these restaurants offer you a glimpse into the true culinary culture of Sweden.