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Stockholm Travel Advice

Top Attractions in Stockholm

Many people do not know this, but Stockholm is actually a city that takes up parts of more than a dozen small islands. Because of that, Stockholm actually feels much smaller than it is. The city offers a variety of historic landmarks that you will definitely want to see. In addition, it is home to a variety of fashion districts and bustling tourist areas. If you visit Stockholm, be sure to enjoy the attractions listed below for your best experience.



If you enjoy art and photography, then you must visit Fotografiska. This museum is a large exhibit of modern photography by local artists, including Nick Brandis. The views from the museum are breathtaking as well. To enjoy the full experience, be sure to enjoy a meal or snacks at the cafe, which is located on the roof. You will enjoy beautiful bay views while you dine. The museum shop is quite large and will give you access to artist books and prints of your favorite images. This way, you can take a piece of that amazing art work home with you.


City Hall (Stadshuset)

The City Hall is actually no longer used for government purposes, but it still has a great deal of significance. It is the location of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. In addition, it is home to the Blue Hall. Here you will find the largest European pipe organ, which is breathtaking to see and hear. Other sites to see in City Hall would include the sculpture garden and a fine dining restaurant. The hall offers English speaking tour guides so that you can fully enjoy the exhibits in your own language.


Vasa Museum

Have you ever been interested in artifacts and historical stories of various shipwrecks? Then, you will want to visit the Vasa Museum. This museum is actually the Vasa ship, which was sunk more than 300 years ago. Since then, it has been raised and turned into an exhibit for itself as well as other shipwrecks from different locations throughout the world. You will be able to watch film about the ship and you will be able to see a large selection of artifacts and relics. The ship is a marvel that you will certainly want to see.



Enjoying the open outdoor air can be a great thing to do while you are in Stockholm and you can do that by visiting Millesgarden. This garden is a combination of natural scenery as well as the unique and well known sculptures of Carl Milles. These sculptures are scattered throughout the garden. You can take the whole family and enjoy hours just wandering through the site. An art gallery and indoor museum is located adjacent to the outdoor garden and you will be able to enjoy them all. Additionally, a restaurant and a gift shop are available for your enjoyment.



Centrally located in the city, Djurgarden offers a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You will be able to enjoy wildlife viewing throughout the park, access to the zoo, a number of well known restaurants, and unique architecture surrounding the area. You are welcome to enjoy a picnic in the park or spend all day wandering through the walking trails. If you visit in the winter, you will be able to watch ice fishing in action. Djurgarden offers breath of fresh air in a busy city.

When you visit Stockholm, you will certainly want to enjoy the five sites above. You will be glad that you visited them!

Features Rated by Stockholm Locals

  • The majority of Stockholm's economy is in service industries, such as Ericsson and IBM as well as banking and securities. The city is also home to the Stockholm University, Stockholm Observatory and many more colleges for the arts, medicine and economics.


    Stockholm travel offers numerous attractions including a mix of medieval and modern architecture, many museums, theaters, sporting events and festivals. There are over 1000 restaurants in Stockholm with options for any palate from American to Middle Eastern.


    Stockholm has an extensive public transportation system that incorporates urban and suburban rail systems, commuter rails, tramways, bus lines and inner-city boats. You access the city by one of four airports, although Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is the largest and busiest servicing 18 million passengers a year.


    Popular Stockholm attractions include The Royal Palace, The Vasa Museum, the Skansen Open-Air Museum, Fotografiska, The City Hall, Gamla Stan, and Moderna Museet. There's so much to see and do in Stockholm, it's impossible to list them all. It's definitely not a city you will get bored in.


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