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Sweden Famous Places to Visit

  • Stockholm - The capital, spread out over a number of islands.
  • Gothenburg ( Goteborg in Swedish) - On the west coast.
  • Linkoping - The 5th most populous city of Sweden. University city.
  • Kiruna - a mining town in Lappland , and the northernmost city in Sweden.
  • Lulea - Industrial city in northern Norrland, with a technical university.
  • Malmo - Down south, not far from the Danish capital Copenhagen.
  • Umea - University city in Norrland.
  • Uppsala - lively pretty old university city. Fourth largest city in Sweden.
  • Orebro - Old shoe manufacturing center, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo.

  • Are - One of Sweden's largest ski resorts, with 44 lifts.
  • Esrange - A rocket launching facility near Kiruna.
  • Gotland - Sweden's largest island, as well as the largest island of the Baltic Sea, situated in the Baltic Sea. Its capital Visby is on UNESCO's World's heritage list. It's a common vacation spot for Swedes from the mainland.
  • Kebnekaise - Sweden's highest mountain surrounded by vast wilderness areas and a popular trail to Abisko National Park.

Source: Wikitravel.org