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Enchanting History, Beautiful Landscapes -- Fribourg, Switzerland

Fribourg is a commerce and economic centre of Switzerland, and it is also home to a number of historical and cultural landmarks. The city is not as touristy as other locations in Switzerland; however, tourism in Fribourg is slowly on the rise. The nice thing about Fribourg travel is that you will not be crowded with tourists so you can explore the city at your own pace. The picturesque architecture adds to the surrounding natural beauty very nicely, and you can relax at one of the many excellent restaurants and bars or travel by foot through the city to explore the historically distinct city of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Some of the attractions in Fribourg are the Bern Bridge, the Berne Gate, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Fontaine Jo Siffert, the Museum of Art and History, and the Zaehringen Bridge. Each of these locations will give you unique insight into the development of the city and the history of Switzerland. The Old Town is very beautiful, and you may want to spend a day walking around the twisting streets so that you can see the 200+ Gothic buildings that line the streets. Many of the buildings in the Old Town date back to the 15 th century, and you should be sure to visit the Church of Notre Dame and the Town Hall.


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There are also a number of events held annually in Fribourg. A yearly film festival is held in Fribourg as well as the St. Nicholas Day celebration. In the city, you will not run out of things to do and places to see as Fribourg has a lively atmosphere that coexists in harmony with its rich historical buildings and architecture. You can watch a video about Fribourg travel to help you better understand the area before you arrive. Hotels in Fribourg, Switzerland are stunningly gorgeous and somewhat expensive so be prepared to experience luxury and first class accommodations while in Fribourg. Travel to this area to explore the beautiful scenery or experience the inviting culture.