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A Brilliant Travel Destination -- Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne is a city that is well known for hosting the International Olympic Committee, and it is also an area with a vibrant student population since there are two separate universities located in the city. Lausanne is a traveled to area in Switzerland because of its stunning art collection and the awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral. Many people stop into Lausanne on the way to their favorite ski slops in the alpine Canton of the Valais. There is a lively nightlife in the city, and you may also experience the pleasing shopping opportunities in the city.

If you are traveling from Paris to Lausanne, you will probably be traveling by air or by train. You can find inexpensive plane tickets if you book early enough, and the Swiss rail service is one of the best in the world so it is really all about your personal preference. A map of Lausanne is essential to travel through the city because it will give you information on all of the attractions and sightseeing opportunities in the area.




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One activity that is very common in Lausanne that you may not associate with Switzerland is camping, and there are a number of campgrounds in the surrounding area to give you the chance to experience the natural beauty first hand. If you would prefer to find a hotel, there are excellent accommodations in Lausanne that will fit in with any budget. During Lausanne travel you can visit the historic museums, the Collection de l'Art Brut, the Olympic Museum, or the la Tour d'Ale. A video guide can give you a first hand glimpse into the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds the city. Explore the old town for days or simply visit Lausanne for an enchanting evening, you are sure to be stunned by the beauty and history that is found throughout the city.