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Lovely, Mediterranean Locarno in the South of Switzerland

Locarno is a cultural city in Switzerland with festivals and beautiful scenery; you will find that the atmosphere of this town is somewhat different from other areas of Switzerland. Locarno is located in the southernmost region of the country, and it is heavily influenced by Italy and the Mediterranean. The warm weather and palm trees immediately bring to mind a more tropical locale, but Switzerland is a country that has it all: the best ski slops in the world in the North and a Mediterranean climate in the South.

Some of the best attractions to explore in Locarno are the Piazza Grande, the Casa Rusca Gallery, the Satuario della Madonna del Sasso, and the Castella Visconteo. If you are an aficionado of the historic buildings, then Citta Vecchia, the Old Town, the perfect place to visit. You may want to spend a day leisurely strolling around the promenade of Lake Maggiore or take a trip by boat. The city is well known for its fine arts festivals, and if you travel in July to Locarno, you will be able to experience the Moon and Stars Musical Festival. Or if you prefer a film festival, Locarno is home to the largest open screen in all of Europe. The Locarno International Film Festival is scheduled for the first two weeks of August.


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Pictures of Locarno simply can't do it justice. The natural beauty found in this area is some of the most rare in Switzerland. The deep blue water surrounded by terra cotta architecture and lush greenery is an essential sight for any vacation in the south of Switzerland. A video can give you a dynamic virtual tour so that you can see what is in store for you in Locarno. This city is definitely worth a visit if not for the fantastic festivals and culture, then for the exceptional natural beauty so uncharacteristic of Switzerland. Hotels can range from affordable to lavish so you may want to book in advance especially during the busy season to ensure that you will have a good place to stay.