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Zurich Travel Advice

The Lovely Zurich, Switzerland Prestige, Affluence, and Culture

The beauty of Zurich has made it one of the most popular travel destinations in Switzerland. Not only is the city alive with a certain charm and elegance, but it is also renowned for its economic influence as a banking capital. Zurich is much more exciting than most would presume a financial centre could be because of the trendy, fluid nature of the city that seems to change every moment. The backdrop of the city is a picturesque landscape of rivers, lakes, and greenery, and this draws the attention of many nature enthusiasts around the world.


Zurich is undeniably home to many affluent people, and the shopping opportunities are some of the best in the country. The fashion in this region surpasses the expectations of most travelers because the Swiss and particularly those that live in Zurich love to enjoy the finer treasures that life has to offer. In addition to this, Zurich tourism has also taken off as more people find the city flourishing with new opportunities for sociability and interaction. Bars and restaurants can be found in every area of the city bustling with the commotion that usually accompanies a fashionable, metropolitan area.


Top Attractions to Enjoy in Zurich

The capital city of Switzerland, Zurich offers a combination of historic locales, exciting adventures and plenty of interesting places to eat. Because Zurich has so much to offer, you may not even know where to begin your visit. Below, you will find five of the top attractions to enjoy when you visit this unique capital city. You will certainly not want to miss these sites.


The Matterhorn

Located just on the border between Switzerland and Italy, the Matterhorn towers above Zurich, offering a beautiful and breathtaking view no matter where you may be. You can take numerous pictures of this 14,700 foot high peak. If you would like, you can visit the glacier station via a cable car that will offer sweeping views of Zurich and surrounding Switzerland. The Matterhorn is also home to a resort that offers quiet getaways and spa experiences. If you are a skilled mountain climber, you may even want to tackle this peak with the right gear.


Alpin Raft

If you like adventure and pulse pounding fun, then you will want to visit Alpin Raft. This exhilarating group of activities will definitely get your adrenaline up. Some of the things you would be able to enjoy at Alpin Raft include horse rides, mountain biking, sky diving, river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, ice climbing and much more. Alpin Raft is not for the faint of heart and if you have any heart related conditions, you will need to check with your physician before visiting. Packages are available if you wish to enjoy more than one adventure.


Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is more than just a mountain. Yes, it does involve a train ride to the peak, but it offers much more than you may imagine. The mount includes sweeping views of the city that you will certainly enjoy. It also offers a whole town at the top where you will find shops, boutiques, restaurants, and even a hotel if you are looking for an interesting place to stay. Mount Pilatus may not look as impressive as some of the other peaks in the Alps, but you will be surprised at what you get to see when you reach the top.


Chateau De Chillon

If you are interested in visiting one of the Swiss castles that are known for their medieval architecture and their striking views, then you will want to visit the Chateau de Chillon. This castle is just a short walk from the Fairmont community, but a regular bus is available as well. Many people consider Chateau De Chillon as one of the best castles to view because it includes a fully standing structure and dungeon and it is filled with medieval furnishings and artwork. Be sure to schedule plenty of time so that you can stop and enjoy each of the artwork items along the walls of the great hall.


Gornergrat Bahn

If you enjoy skiing or snowy wonderlands, then you will want to visit Gornergrat Bahn. This location offers a train ride to the top of the mountain, which is so famous; it was featured in a James Bond film. Additionally, if you visit during the right time, you will be able to enjoy a number of skiing runs on the mountain. The top of the mountain includes a viewing area that offers sweeping views of the Matterhorn. You will also find a number of restaurants and shops waiting to be explored.

Zurich is a location with plenty to offer from winter wonderlands to historic architecture. No matter why you visit, be sure to enjoy the sites mentioned above.

Features Rated by Zurich Locals

The Street Parade is also a spectacular event to partake in, and it has surpassed festivities held in London in popularity. This party caters to the younger population, as do many of the other festivities in the city. However, there are some cultural venues to explore in Zurich. Travel to the Grossmunster, the Landesmuseum, and the Kunsthaus to experience a unique look into the historical influence of the area. Switzerland is renowned as one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in the world, and Zurich just adds to the charm of the city.

The attractions in Zurich make it an excellent place to travel, and you will also find a number of beautiful lakes in the area like Lake Zurich in Switzerland. There are also a number of festivities and events held annually, so you may want to check with a travel agency to learn more about when you should plan your trip so that you can experience your favorite festivity. Knowing where to stay in Zurich can be beneficial since there are so many options. While there are a few hotels that are more economical in price, the emphasis is more on the high class, luxury hotels in Zurich, the most popular of which is the Hotel Widder.