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Turkey is heavily influenced by the surrounding countries and has picked up characteristics from each one. There are seven distinct regions of Turkey: Aegean Turkey, Black Sea Turkey, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, Marmara Region, Mediterranean Turkey, and Southeastern Anatolia. These regions are as diverse as the neighboring countries. Luxurious beaches and piney mountains decorate the natural landscapes in Turkey. Turkey is equipped with mountainous regions, forests, lakes, and rivers. The natural setting attracts many visitors to Turkey every year.


The main cities in Turkey begin with the capital, Ankara. A guide to the city will give you an idea of the landmarks and the best accommodations the city has to offer. A travel planner is another great resource to help with flights and hotels. Ankara is located at the core of Central Anatolia. One of the best sites for visiting tourists is the Mausoleum. Other notable sites include the Atakule Tower, the Museum of Anatolian Civilization, and the Centre of Modern Arts. Lush gardens and parks offer a relaxing way to decompress and rest during the day. For a bit of sophistication, the city offers concert halls and music festivals. Ankara's Castle is now used as a marketplace for the trading of goods.


The people of Ankara and in Turkey are generally a helpful bunch and are welcoming to visitors. English is not a native language, but many of the locals are versed in it. It may still be of use to you to learn some Turkish before traveling in this country or at least bring a translation dictionary with you in case you need to ask a question of someone that is not familiar with English. The Turkish Lira is used as currency so note the current exchange rates in your country before traveling.


Antalya is another great city with an array of beach related tourism. The city is home to a port and part of the Turkish Riviera. Historically, Antalya is wonderfully diverse, and the city's primary focus is art. Turkey travel offers a lot of different areas with distinct personalities and characteristics so a thorough understanding of the different areas is essential to making the best choice for your vacation. Turkey is a joy to behold. The friendly, outgoing people make traveling to Turkey an enjoyable experience for any tourist, and the natural beauty and eclectic atmosphere is enticing. A travel planner can give you more detailed travel advice for a journey into Turkey's wondrous depths. Specialists have constructed video tours to help you decide which area of Turkey is the best choice for your vacation.


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