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Visiting the Battlefields in Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

The Gallipoli Peninsula is a delightful area that is close to the major city centre, Istanbul in Turkey. This area was home to a number of battles and there are still memorials and sites commemorating the events. In Turkey, the Gallipoli Peninsula is known as a sacred site, and there are many landmarks and monuments dedicated to preserving the area.

The elongated Gallipoli Peninsula is mostly recognized for the extensive battlefield areas in the city, and these are usually the main attractions to visit when on a trip to the Gallipoli Peninsula. In Turkey, there are very few areas that are as distinctive and important as the peninsula, and you may want to take one of the many Gallipoli tours so that you can see all of the most important battle sites.


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Sightseeing Of Gallipoli Peninsula


In two or three days, you can take an extensive tour of the area, and this is an excellent place to learn more about the historical presence of Turkey in the wars. Holidays to this area can also include a visit to the new Gelibolu Milli Park, with exhibits on the natural history tied to the Gallipoli Peninsula. Travel to the reconstructed site of Ancient Troy and the wooden horse for a different experience into the Gallopoli Peninsula in Turkey.

In Gallipoli, you will also find a number of hotels in the area that offer excellent accommodations. Eceabat and Canakkale are the best places to find hotels in the area, and you will find the best accommodation in Gallipoli, Turkey, then Eceabat offers a selection of restaurants as well as hotels. The Battlefields at the Gallipoli Peninsula offer an intriguing glimpse into the historical battles that Turkey has fought in the previous centuries, and it is also a wonderful place to learn about the culture and Turkish influence.