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Istanbul Travel Advice & Tourism Information.

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Istanbul Travel Advice

Istanbul, Turkey -- The Hip, Exciting, Energetic City on the Border of Asia and Europe


Istanbul, Turkey is located between Europe and Asia, and it has a dynamic culture that takes the best of both of these worlds and combines them for a unique and charismatic travel experience. Istanbul has been hailed as one of the top three European Capitals of Culture in the year of 2010, and this has helped solidify its status as a major travel destination for anyone seeking an interesting foray into the depth of the culture in Turkey.


Holidays in Istanbul can consist of a visit to the Black Sea, a relaxing dip into the ocean, or an extensive venture into the rich history of the area. Istanbul houses some famous architectural buildings that date back to Roman and Byzantine times. There are also remnants of the Ottoman Empire still in existence, so history buffs find an interesting solace when visiting Istanbul. In addition to the historical culture, Istanbul also offers an array of attractions that will delight every savvy traveler. From the shopping to the nightclubs, this city is a place where tourists can enjoy the immense pleasure of the culture and the inviting atmosphere of a city that merges the culture of two continents.

Istanbul Map

Top Attractions in Istanbul


Turkey tours from Istanbul can help give voyagers the chance to experience several different areas to gain more insight into the workings of the city. Multitudes of walking tour are available to help you explore the city. The Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, and the Topkapi Palace are all traditionally available in tours of the area, and this can often be the best way to get a vivid understanding of the areas with the knowledge of natives.

Restaurants in Istanbul also offer an exciting experience for travelers that like to experiment with a wide array of different cuisines. The culinary masterpieces created in Istanbul make it a fabulous place to visit, and there are many attractions that can fill the spaces in between. A vacation to Istanbul is one of the best ways to see the picturesque scenery sparkling with tulips and blossoms in the springtime.

Istanbul is also known for Turkish baths, and every traveler should experience the wonderful massages and scrubbings. Hookah is also popular in Istanbul, and this consists of inhaling flavored tobacco through a water pipe. Istanbul is a very lively place with innovation and energy brimming at every corner, so it has become one of the best places to visit for many travelers.

If you are looking for a place to visit that will give you a combination of modern and historic things to see and do, then you will definitely want to visit the capital of Turkey. Istanbul provides you with a chance to enjoy everything from unique buildings, bazaars, modern nightlife and much more. Just what should you enjoy when you visit Istanbul? Be sure to consider the five attractions described below. You will certainly be glad that you visited them.


Suleymaniye Mosque

If you enjoy unique and striking architecture, then you will want to visit the Suleymaniye Mosque. This mosque was built as the home for rulers of the historic Ottoman Empire. Now, it is a historical landmark. When you visit, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful courtyard and stunning architecture. Because of its central location, the mosque is within walking distance of other attractions, like the Spice Bazaar and a number of dining establishments. Be sure to take plenty of time to tour the mosque so that you can enjoy the history and architecture you will find there.


Basilica Cistern

In the 1700s, Istanbul was considered quite innovative in the cistern system that provided water to the residents of the area. While most of this system is not available for viewing, you will be able to enjoy a glimpse into the past by visiting the Basilica Cistern. This cistern is supported by large marble columns and it can hold 80,000 cubic meters of water. You will be able to learn a great deal of history for the city by visiting this site and it will not take out much of your day either.


Hagia Sophia Museum

Of the churches available in the city, this is one that you will definitely want to visit. A combination of awe striking architecture and historic value, the Hagia Sophia Museum and Basilica is a must see when you visit Istanbul. You will find the moment that you walk in, your breath is taken away when you see the 30 million golden tiles used throughout the interior. Built in the 6 th century, the church is considered a marvel of architecture for its time and it includes plenty of things to see during your visit.


Kariye Museum

It used to be a church, but now the Kariye has been turned into a museum that is an absolute must see during a visit to Istanbul. While it may take some time to reach the church, which is located on the outlying areas of the city, it is worth the while. Built in the 11 th century, the architecture of the Kariye Museum is striking all on its own. Additionally, you will find that the interior includes a number of mosaics that are designed to illustrate the life of Christ.


Sultanahmet District

This would often be called the historic district and it is home to the Topkapi Palace as well as the Blue Mosque, which are definite historic must sees of the city. The old town Sultanahmet District offers a cultural atmosphere where you will find open air markets, spice markets, shops, restaurants and much more. You could easily spend a whole day just finding your way through the district and you will easily be able to reach other attractions from here as well.

Istanbul is a unique city. It offers a combination of modern and historic that will keep you busy during your whole visit. Be sure to include the above attractions in your itinerary to get the most out of the city.