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The Beaches, Attractions, and Engaging
Culture in Tenby, Wales

“The little town of fishes” is popular amongst travelers because of the beautiful buildings painted in pastels that line the city. Tenby is located in South Wales, and it has a beautiful sandy bay that attracts many visitors from various parts of the world. This tourist spot is becoming one of the most popular in the country, and there are various attractions that will keep you occupied while you are away from the bay.


Your Tenby travel itinerary should include a leisurely stroll along the lovely cobbled streets filled with charming shops, restaurants, and cafes. During the summer, the city is filled with activity surrounding the bars and pubs, but the Georgian residences are a sight to see no matter what time of the year that you plan to visit Wales. Tenby offers tourists a number of beaches to sate that tropical urge, and you can also visit the Caldey Island located just on the other side of Tenby's coast.


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Sightseeing Of Tenby

While visiting the area attractions, visit the Tenby Museum and Art Gallery for insight into their unique culture. You may also want to visit the Tudor Merchant's House for a glimpse into the interior of a home built in the 1400s. Activities are more or less the main attraction in Tenby, and you can find information on boat trips to liven up your getaway. There are tons of activities available including, cycling, walking, swimming, and boating to keep you occupied, so you will not have to wonder what to do while on vacation in this beautiful area.

When you are searching for your ideal Tenby accommodation, you can choose one of the beautiful stone cottages, a bed & breakfast, or one of the luxurious hotels in the area. Tenby offers the excitement of a large city with the charm and seclusion of a small town, and it is quickly becoming an area where many people want to travel.