A Weekend Getaway for the Ladies

Your friends are the people who know you the best in the whole world, and there is nothing like spending the time to reconnect with these vibrant and...

Your friends are the people who know you the best in the whole world, and there is nothing like spending the time to reconnect with these vibrant and wonderful people.  With your busy life, hectic job and demanding family, there can be precious little time to get together with the girls, so why not plan for a weekend getaway somewhere wonderful to celebrate the best of friendships?  They may be new friends, old friends, sisters, or even co-workers, but a weekend away with the girls can often be just the tonic that you need!  Here are some great ideas to get your mini-break with your pals off on the right foot.

A Weekend Getaway for the Ladies

Soak up the Culture

You may love theatre, galleries and museums, but you know your husband and children would rather sit them out.  London is the perfect idea for a girlfriend getaway. Hit up the West End theatres for the latest productions, spend an afternoon at the Tate Modern, and while away the hours wandering through the treasures of the British Museum.  Choose a London hotel right in the West end for a great weekend of high end culture that would bore your family to tears.   Another obvious choice for a cultural weekend for the girls would be Paris.  It’s not just the City of Love, but also the city of great museums and art galleries and churches.  A weekend of exploring the collections at the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay and the Musee Rodin is indeed a moveable feast.

Spa Weekend

You know your beloved spouse is never going to enjoy a weekend of eucalyptus steam baths and relaxing mani-pedis.  So why not book a world class spa in Switzerland or Germany for just you and your girlfriends?  Your best friends don’t need a lot of conversation, just time together.  You can chat in between treatments, over breakfast and dinner, and just enjoy that pure sense of relaxation together at an excellent spa resort.

Work it Out

There’s no reason why golfing weekends should be reserved for the men.  If you and your best friends enjoy a good round of golf, why not plan a weekend in Scotland where the game began?  If you love hiking, plan for a weekend walk in Northern Spain or in the French or Swiss Alps.   For the snorkelers among you, why not try a getaway to Turkey? There are beautiful hotels near many of these adventures, where you and your girlfriends can enjoy a nice glass of wine after a great workout in the sun.

Hit the Beach

There are gorgeous beaches all around the Mediterranean, all lined with world class resorts that are just waiting for you and your friends.  Celebrate a special birthday in Mykonos, escape to the sunny Costa del Sol, or get together on the Amalfi Coast.  You can spend your days soaking up the sun, and spend your evening talking and laughing in any one of the charming outdoor cafes in the area.


Go Shopping

Let’s face it; your family just does not want to go shopping with you.  However, suggest a weekend getaway to Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, and your girlfriends are sure to start packing immediately.  There are plenty of excellent hotels right near the Via Montenapoleone which are at the heart of the city’s fashionable core.

With so many excellent ways to enjoy a weekend away with your friends, it is time to get on the phone and start planning your fun trip together now!

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