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European Tourism & Travel Trends in 2015

Top 3 Destinations for an Affordable European Honeymoon

The 2015 tourism season has shown that there are plenty of interesting trends within the European travel industry that need to be explored. Here are a few interesting looks into what is happening within the industry.   Trends 2015 The European Travel Commission found in its first quarter report for 2015 that the number of […]

How Can I Go Camping in Europe?

Camping in Europe

Camping can not only be a great way to see Europe and enjoy a more authentic experience, but it also offers a much cheaper option as compared to other types of accommodations. There are few Americans who seem to take advantage of the opportunity, so if you do you’ll probably have the chance to mingle […]

Spectacular European River Cruises

European River Cruises

River cruises offer the opportunity for a unique and exciting journey through some of Europe’s most beautiful terrain. With the recent European river cruise boom as well as lots of new riverboats and fabulous itineraries on waterways all over the continent, here is a look at some of the best to consider for 2014. Cruising […]

Top 7 Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Top 7 Beautiful Beaches in Europe   If you’re trying to decide between a European vacation with the opportunity to visit rich cultural attractions and somewhere you soak in the sun and the sand, you might be surprised to find that you can do both.   Some of these magnificent beaches can rival even idyllic […]

Top 10 Scenic Rail & Train Adventures in Europe

Scenic Rail & Train Adventures in Europe

A scenic rail journey is more about the adventure itself rather than the destination. While it can be a great way to get from point A to point B, can often be its own vacation within a vacation. The Bernina Express: Switzerland to Italy   This spectacular train ride will take you through the magnificent […]

European Tourism & Travel Trends in 2013

European Tourism & Travel Trends in 2013

The year 2013 was mostly positive for those within the European travel and tourism industry. With the statistics having been released for the first three-quarters of the year, the European Travel Commission Market Intelligence Report reveals that the preliminary results point to a strong performance that is said to be “well above” Europe’s long-term trend. […]

Fulufjället National Park: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland Destination

Fulufjället National Park

For travelers seeking the ultimate winter holiday, there are few better places to find it than Fulufjället National Park in Sweden. If the idea of being surrounded by remote wilderness, glistening ice and only the sounds of snowflakes gently falling out your window sound enticing, consider making a trek this coming holiday season to this […]

Top 3 European Ski Resorts for Winter Skiing

Europe Ski Resorts

If you’re planning a winter ski trip in Europe, here is a look at some of the best destinations. Salzburg, Austria   Salzburg is one of the best-preserved cities north of the Alps, and the fourth largest city in Austria. The nation offers many ski resorts, second only to Switzerland, with a cozier and less […]

Interview with Rachel MacNeill of Wild and Magic Islay & Whiskey for Girls

Interview with Rachel MacNeill of Wild and Magic Islay & Whiskey for Girls

Wild and Magic Islay is an independent tour operator run by local Rachel MacNeill offering tours that give and up close and personal experience on Islay that provides an in-depth look at the culture, history and landscape that you wouldn’t get from your typical bus tour.     Recently, I had the opportunity to ask […]

Europe’s Best but Least Visited National Parks

3 of Europe’s Best but Least Visited National Parks

If you like to experience the less traveled, most beautiful and unique, consider a trek to one of these three least visited, but the best of Europe’s National Parks. National Park Risnjak, Croatia   Nature lovers will enjoy the spectacular beauty of Risnjak with its towering mountains, endless forests and dazzling waters set where the […]

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