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Disabled Travel Advice Just because you are disabled does not meant that you cannot travel the globe. Disabled travelers are welcomed in Europe and...

Disabled Travel Advice

Just because you are disabled does not meant that you cannot travel the globe. Disabled travelers are welcomed in Europe and with a little bit of planning you can have a smooth traveling experience. Some tour companies and European hotels or hostels even offer seniors and the disabled a travel discount, so it can be very affordable for you to take a vacation to Europe. Follow this disabled travelers guide to get information on discounts and advice for traveling if you are handicapped or a senior.

Disabled Travel Advice in Europe

Disabled Travel Advice

If you are going to be traveling to Europe and require the use of a wheelchair or walker, there is no need to worry about whether you will have trouble navigating. Bring your most travel friendly wheelchair, such as one with wheels that come off easily and is very light. You can stay in your chair right up until you get on the plane and insist that you get your chair back upon landing, this way, you do not risk your chair getting lost or stolen. Bring a bungee cord with you so that you can always strap your chair to the back of the trunk if a vehicle (such as a taxi) does not have enough room for your chair.

Check ahead with your hotel or hostel to find out if there are ramps for getting your wheelchair into the hotel, as well as elevators. They should have options so that you can easily get to your hotel room and out, if not, take your business elsewhere.

If you use a walker or are just not very mobile, be very careful on the streets of Europe. Many streets and sidewalks throughout Europe are made of bricks or cobblestones and are difficult to navigate. Consider renting a car to get around easier, or take taxis as much as possible.

At museums and other sites, if you are using a wheelchair or have limited mobility, ask to use the elevator if possible. If they have no elevator, inquire about a freight elevator. Most places will have one, so getting up and down should not be a problem.

Resources for Handicapped Travel

If you want additional information, Mobility International USA is a non-profit group dedicated to helping those with disabilities see the world. The also offer a very useful disabled travelers guide called Survival Strategies for Going Abroad: A Guide for People with Disabilities, which can give you some very interesting advice and helpful hints for traveling abroad. MIUSA also sometimes hosts travel programs for seniors and people with disabilities, so consult their website for more information.

If you have a disability that requires the use of a guide dog, make sure to get the necessary documentation for traveling with your dog. You can get more information about traveling with a service animal by reading this helpful tip sheet from The National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange.

If you want to take a tour through Europe with a handicap travel group, check out Accessible Journeys or another disabled travelers group tour program.

There is not need to miss out on traveling to Europe just because you have limited mobility. With the above resources and some planning, you will have a smooth and relaxing vacation.

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