Internet Access in Europe

Internet Access in Europe: How and Where to Use the Internet Just as it is in America, the Internet is prevalent in Europe. You can use the Internet...

Internet Access in Europe: How and Where to Use the Internet

Just as it is in America, the Internet is prevalent in Europe. You can use the Internet in Europe in two ways: either use public Internet terminals that are all around, or you can bring your own device with Wi-Fi capabilities. Read these internet access tips to learn all about Internet connection while traveling throughout Europe.

Internet Access in Europe: How and Where to Use the Internet

Public Internet Terminals

Close your eyes then spin in a circle and wherever you stop there will be a public terminal for the Internet within steps. It really is that simple to find a place to use the Internet in Europe. The majority of hostels and hotels will have at least one computer in the lobby or business center that provides an Internet connection in Europe. Often these are free, if not, you will need to purchase an Internet card from the lobby or swipe your credit card directly into the computer to pay. There are also a number of Internet cafés all over that over pay Internet access in Europe. These are sometimes places where you can not only surf the Internet, but also enjoy coffee and a sweet treat. Sometimes they do not serve food, but either way you will be able to use the Internet for an affordable rate.

Smaller towns may not have Internet cafes, but they will have other options for Internet access such as bookstores, libraries and post offices. Simply ask an employee at your hotel or another traveler and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

The Internet can also be accessed at computer terminals in the airport. Airport Internet international access is just like using the Internet at a café, you will need to pay but it is fairly affordable.

Navigating European computers can be a little difficult, as some of the letters are switched around on the keyboard. With a little practice, however, you will be back to your usual typing speed in no time. It is best to avoid doing anything private or of a sensitive nature while on the Internet in Europe. Some computers in various countries are not properly protected, leaving them exposed to spyware and hackers. Avoid banking or entering in credit card information on these computers, instead use the phone to check bank account balances and to pay for anything.

Connecting to the Internet with a Wi-Fi Device from Home

You can use your laptop, iPad or other Wi-Fi device throughout Europe as well. Many times hotels will offer free Wi-Fi to guests; simply ask for the connection name and password when you check in. Larger hotels often charge for this service and it can sometimes be pricey. You can also find an Internet connection in Europe in cafes and in areas around town. Ask your hotel’s concierge for information on where you can connect and how. You may have to pay at a local spot in town, or can pay at the hotel to connect to the Internet in outdoor areas.

Traveling to Europe does not mean you have to be disconnected from the Internet. Use public computers in your hotel or around town, or use a Wi-Fi device to stay in touch wherever you are.

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