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Welcome to City of Bar

The small nation of Montenegro has seen its fair share of turmoil, warfare, and unrest throughout its history. The small city of Bar is a great illustration of the distinct marks that all of that history has left behind. It is only a short distance from the coastal region, and it is packed with a huge number of monuments, sites, and attractions that demonstrate the many times it has “changed hands”.

Consider that one of the oldest monuments in the town is the Christian Bar Triconch Church from the 6 th century – used by Christians and Orthodox groups. There is also the Nehaj, a fortress used by the Ottoman Turks during the 16 th century. Bar travel also usually includes a stop at King Nikola's palace, which is also a museum to much of the archaeological history of this area.

Of course, the most outstanding tourist attraction in Bar is the Old Olive of Mirovica, which is the oldest olive tree in the entire world. The most recent dating puts the tree at roughly 2,000 years old!

Other attractions include the famous Bar Aqueduct and its impressive Old Town, which is not an actual or active town but is instead a very well-preserved archaeological site.


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Sightseeing Of Bar

If Bar travel is to be about the gorgeous scenery, the visitor will appreciate the beauty of Mount Rumija which rises above the town, but they also like to watch the activities in and out of the Port of Bar, or take an easy 30-minute walk to the beaches of Susanj close to the town.

Lastly, one of the most interesting places to visit is the Stari Bar or the old fortress above the town. The ruins are extensive, impressive, and very moving to see in person.

This area of the world is not prone to harsh seasonal conditions, which means that there really is no tourist season. Instead, there are some businesses and services that cease operations during the winter months of November through March.