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Welcome to City of Budva, Montenegro

Known as the “Budva Riviera,” the town of Budva in Montenegro is one of the most popular destinations in the small country. This is not a surprise because the city has around 35 beaches, resides along the Mediterranean shore, and is full of clubs, restaurants, cafes, resorts, and tourist shops. With a major turnaround in 2007, Budva has begun to be known as the “Miami of Montenegro” for its busy night scene and active beach crowds. Because of its location, Budva travel is good at any time of the year, though the summer months of July and August can be very hot and dry.

Naturally, there is more to do in Budva than lie on the beach or play in the water, and the city contains a lovely Stari Grad or Old Town. This is a medieval district with gates, towers, and high walls. Visitors are enchanted by the narrow streets and small squares where the passing centuries have left their distinct marks. Visitors also love the challenge of locating one of the five doors that lets them pass into the Old Town district.


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Sightseeing Of Budva, Montenegro

There are several historic churches in the city as well, including the Church of Saint John, the Church of Holy Trinity, and the Church of Saint Sava. There is also a rather famous and picturesque statue that appears in nearly every visitor photograph taken in the Old Town. This is the Dancing Girl Statue near the popular Morgan Beach. The statue itself is attractive and a bit mysterious because no one remembers the story behind it, but most people include it in photographs because it is in the very middle of a panoramic view of the entire Old Town district.

Any Budva travel should include a few hours in the Old Town, and it is usually here that the best shops, cafes, and gift shops are found too.