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Kotor Travel


Welcome to City of Kotor

If you are looking for a place of impressive natural beauty and cultural significance to visit on your next holiday, head to the gorgeous coastal town of Kotor which is located in the northern area of tiny Montenegro. Not only will you find the deepest natural fjord in the Mediterranean Sea, but you will also find a Stari Grad or Old Town that is one of the rare UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition to all of this, you will be able to enjoy spending time amidst amazing architecture and seaside scenery.

Some Kotor travel will mean that you are heading to a secluded and scenic area of the Boka Kortorska Bay in northern Montenegro. It is within the city and situated in the surrounding cliffs and hills that the “must see” attractions are found. There is St. Tryphon's Cathedral (built in the 11 th century), the impressive San Giovanni Fort, the 1,350 steps up to the old fortifications (where a wonderful and panoramic view of the entire region can be enjoyed), and the Maritime Museum.


Kotor Map


Sightseeing Of Kotor

Of course, many people doing some Kotor travel also spend time on a boat trip to the two islands just off shore. They visit the Sveti Djordje or the Gospa od Skrpijela, and enjoy a bit of picnicking and sightseeing while there.

Visiting Kotor is not all about sightseeing, boating, and hiking, however, and there is a huge amount of nightlife in this historic town too. The majority of locations are in the Old Town area, and a lot of people really enjoy wandering the narrow streets and finding all of the different open bars and friendly fellow travelers.

Lastly, some of the finest beaches in the region are less than 30 minutes by car from Kotor, and these include Jaz, Trsteno, and Plave among others.