Sea Based Fun in Lanzarote

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, Lanzarote, as an island sitting off the coast of Africa, is dominated by the sea that surrounds it. The island...

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, Lanzarote, as an island sitting off the coast of Africa, is dominated by the sea that surrounds it. The island itself emerged from the depths of the sea, the by-product of a volcanic eruption that left the world with a cluster of islands known as the Canaries. Visitors today are met with a variety of things to do and see on Lanzarote. However, it is hard to ignore the warm sea that, with year round sunshine, is very much hard to resist! When in Lanzarote stick close to the sea and you will have the time of your life.

Sea Based Fun in Lanzarote

Deep Sea Fishing


Forget about fishing back home, which can be tedious and unrewarding, especially if it involves sitting in the rain trying to catch small lake fish that are not exactly classed as trophy catches! But in Lanzarote, fishing takes on an entirely different form. Game fishing is a popular pastime with big fish such as Marlin, Tuna, Sting Ray and Wahoo all catchable. You could even land yourself a hammerhead shark if you are lucky or unlucky depending on how you view these things!


Sailing Excursions


You may or may not know that Christopher Columbus actually stopped off at the Canary Islands before heading off to discover the New World. The tradition of sailors stopping off at Lanzarote still exists which shows how favourable the sailing conditions can be. Whilst the vast majority of people these days will not see Lanzarote as a place to restock in preparation of a round the world sailing expedition, those of you who fancy taking a trip around the island will not be disappointed. There is plenty of marine and bird life to see and remember that the weather will almost certainly be exceptionally warm.


Dive Sites


There is a reason why the Lanzarote authorities decided to sink several boats off the coast of Puerto del Carmen and create a Marine Park – because the diving conditions are second to none. People come from all over the world to experience warm, crystal clear seas and wrecks just begging to be explored. There are plenty of reefs teeming with life, as well as caves and diving schools where you can learn the ropes at reasonable prices – which is always a big plus if you are on a budget.


Whatever your reasons for visiting, Lanzarote can offer unique holidays and trips that cater for everyone. If you are a sea lover, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better destination where there are so many possibilities to get your swimsuit on and your hair wet!


Written by Ricky Durrance for Beat the Brochure; travel specialists who offer lanzarote holidays at brochure beating prices. 


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