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‘Vampire’ Skeleton Display Expected to Bring Hordes of Tourists to Sofia, Bulgaria

‘Vampire’ Skeleton Display Expected to Bring Hordes of Tourists to Sofia, Bulgaria

A 700-year-old skeleton that will be put on display beginning  Saturday, 16 of June at the National Museum of History in Sofia, Bulgaria is causing quite a stir with the media reporting that tourism officials may bring a huge boost to the nation’s already growing tourism industry.   The “vampire” skeletons were discovered in the […]

The Rugged Island Beauty of Palermo, Sicily

The Rugged Island Beauty of Palermo, Sicily -Europe

Every school child in the world is familiar with the island of Sicily, as it is playfully and everlastingly kicked into the sunny Mediterranean Sea by the boot of Italy.  This island has one of the most impressive landscapes in all of Italy, with a unique history, historic ruins, few tourists, and delightful cuisine.  Anyone […]

What Are the Most Visited Museums In Europe?

Museums in Europe

Europe is home to a variety of impressive museums dedicated to many parts of history and culture. Here are some of the most popular ones that people visit every year. British Museum, London The British Museum is a site dedicated to the history and culture of the United Kingdom. The museum is home to many […]

Check Out the Hottest New European Beach Resorts

Beach scene. Playa de la Teresitas. Tenerife, Canaries

Europe is home to some of the most attractive beaches in the world. The variety of beach resorts around the continent is only growing as this listing of the newest top resorts shows.   Cornwall, England Cornwall is on the far southwestern end of England and is home to many appealing beaches. There are more […]

Interview with Adeline Marchand of Esprit de Paris

The intellectual and artistic Paris - Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Adeline Marchand is the owner of Esprit de Paris, a unique tour guide service offering visitors the opportunity to experience Paris from the eyes of a local and to be truly immersed in Parisian culture. Having grown up in the trendy, creative and historic Paris neighborhood of Upper Marais, Adeline shares her expertise and understanding […]

European Tourism & Travel Trends in 2015

Top 3 Destinations for an Affordable European Honeymoon

The 2015 tourism season has shown that there are plenty of interesting trends within the European travel industry that need to be explored. Here are a few interesting looks into what is happening within the industry.   Trends 2015 The European Travel Commission found in its first quarter report for 2015 that the number of […]

How to Travel Europe by Train

Travel Europe by Train

Mastering the European Rail System One of the most popular ways to travel around Europe is by train because of the sheer expanse of the rail system and the convenience it affords travellers. You can quickly get from city to city all over Europe on the rails, without having to worry about driving or carrying […]

How Can I Go Camping in Europe?

Camping in Europe

Camping can not only be a great way to see Europe and enjoy a more authentic experience, but it also offers a much cheaper option as compared to other types of accommodations. There are few Americans who seem to take advantage of the opportunity, so if you do you’ll probably have the chance to mingle […]

Four Reasons to Go to Romania

Castle Brasov Romania

Romania’s capital of Bucharest was named one of the cheapest cities in Europe to visit in 2015, but that certainly isn’t the only reason to visit. This new addition to the EU is perhaps best known for its towering Carpathian Mountains, abundance of magnificent castles, and of course, the Bram Stoker’s fictional character of Count […]

Spectacular European River Cruises

European River Cruises

River cruises offer the opportunity for a unique and exciting journey through some of Europe’s most beautiful terrain. With the recent European river cruise boom as well as lots of new riverboats and fabulous itineraries on waterways all over the continent, here is a look at some of the best to consider for 2014. Cruising […]

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