The U.K.’s Legoland Hotel and Theme Park

Every child (of any age) just loves to play with Lego.  For generations, the brightly coloured plastic bricks have helped fuel young imaginations by...

Every child (of any age) just loves to play with Lego.  For generations, the brightly coloured plastic bricks have helped fuel young imaginations by allowing them to create their own world, and their own stories.

Now, in the U.K., families planning a great vacation to the amazing theme park of Legoland Windsor will have a brand new Lego-themed hotel which will thrill the children, and entertain your fancy.

The U.K.’s Legoland Hotel and Theme Park

There are several Legoland Theme Parks around the world, in the U.K., Denmark, Germany, Florida and California.  Legoland Windsor is in Windsor, Berkshire, just west of London and less than 15 kilometres from Heathrow Airport.

Like every Legoland around the world, the theme park in Britain features Lego-themed rides, play areas, and workshops.  Nearly two million people visit the U.K. theme park every year, which makes it one of the top attractions for families in the country.

There are lots of fun rides and attractions at Legoland Windsor, including the X-Treme Water Ride, a Wave Surfer, the Dragon Rollercoaster, and the Lego Mindstorms Workshop.  There is even a Lego City Harbour, which is an actual town, made up of Lego.

Now, on March 16th, 2012, Legoland Windsor will open a Lego-themed hotel right next door to the park.  The brand new 150-room hotel will be called the Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel.   This is the first official Legoland hotel to open outside of the original Legoland in Denmark, although another Legoland hotel has now also opened in Florida.

When you walk in the front door of the Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel, you will find wall-to-wall Lego in the hotel décor, and a spectacular fire-breathing Lego dragon standing on guard.  The brightly coloured swimming pool and splash area have a Lego Pirate theme, and of course, each of the guest rooms will also feature a Lego theme in their design and architecture.  Rooms are themed as Pirate, Adventure or Kingdom.  Just imagine how excited the kids will be to stay in an actual Lego pirate ship!

The hotel will also have an indoor play area for kids, and a child-friendly buffet restaurant which will be easy for families on the go.  The hotel designers have even hidden delightful treats around the entire complex, including treasure trails, toy boxes, marching guards and secret whoopee cushions to keep everyone entertained.

While the hotel isn’t open just yet, it is taking bookings now.  Every room includes a king-size for the grown-ups and bunk beds for the kids.  There is also a complimentary Lego gift for each child and a private room and TV area just for the kids too.

Whether you loved Lego as a child, or you have children now who love Lego, this is the perfect place to enjoy a fantastic family vacation that will spark the imagination for years to come.

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