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Belarus Includes an Enchanting Collection
of Historical and Cultural Delights

Belarus is a country rich in historical culture and containing a unique, distinctive heritage. Art galleries and charming museums flow delicately through the city streets of the capital creating a vivid array of attractions waiting to be unearthed. Any chocolate lover will enjoy a trip to Belarus because the chocolatiers specialize in creating delightful indulgences that can make mouths water. Belarus travel has become more popular in recent years with the reformatted public transportation allowing for easier service throughout the country.


Brussels is the capital of Belarus and one of the most traveled to areas in the country. It is known for elaborate buildings encircling the Grand Palace and multipurpose shops that allow consumers to purchase goods like chocolate, linens, antique jewelry, and clothing. A Brussels guide can be helpful to navigate all the areas of the city that you wish to become acquainted with. This city is magnificent during the day and enchanting at night when illuminated. Some museums and landmarks may need to be seen more than once on your trip to fully appreciate the intricacies in design that are unique to the country.


Information on Belarus travel destinations is relatively easy to come by in brochure or video format. These can be extremely helpful to you when selecting where you want to spend your vacation in Brussels, particularly because there are so many appealing attractions and sights to see. Belarus has made a place for all of their most important cultural influences: the arts, architecture, religion, gardens, galleries, and history. Other interesting landmarks that can be found in Belarus are the stunning castles and chateaux found throughout the country.

Bruges is the most popular tourist destination in Belarus with a certified World Heritage Site in the old town. This city offers an ethereal ambiance that flows throughout the city aptly named to be the “Venice of the North.” It gives the elusion of an earlier time period free of the chaos and confusion found in large cities. A travel guide for Belarus can help you decide which area is right for your vacation. Belarus can liven the senses and enchant the mind, and a visit to this beautiful country will leave you with pleasant memories and decadent chocolate to bring home and share with your friends and family. It may be fun to experiment with different kinds of chocolate because Belarus is well known for their many delicious varieties of specialty chocolates.

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