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Germany is a diverse country with 16 different regions comprising one of the most influential countries in the world. With various destinations, historical monuments, and beautiful scenery, it may be difficult to decide just where in Germany you want to visit first. It may be best to start with Germany's capital, Berlin. It is the largest and most traveled to destination in Germany. Travel guides can help direct your trip to any part of Germany including some of the other popular destinations like Munich, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart. In addition to these, some of the small towns in southern Germany surrounded by the majestic Black Forest or the Alps may be worth a visit.

Berlin is rich in historical influence with famous museums, private art galleries, and grand cathedrals and churches comprising just a few of the many attractions that Germany has to offer. One of the most significant landmarks in Germany are the quant castles located throughout the country. The beautiful architecture and brilliant designs attract thousands of spectators every year.


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Berlin is rich in historical influence with famous museums, private art galleries, and grand cathedrals and churches comprising just a few of the many attractions that Germany has to offer. One of the most significant landmarks in Germany are the quant castles located throughout the country. The beautiful architecture and brilliant designs attract thousands of spectators every year.

Bavaria is equipped with a variety of castled nestled on the mountainside, and it is the largest region in Germany located in southeast area of the country. This would be a great area to visit for a peaceful, relaxing stay on your journey through Germany and Europe. Bavaria is a part of the Alps giving it a radiant, almost storybook atmosphere. Info on the best restaurants and hotels can be found at any of Germany's travel guides online or in print. Munich is located inside of Bavaria and offers a warm, inviting environment in contrast to some of the other prominent cities found in Germany.

The Rhine River is located in the south part of Germany sweeping through seven countries. It is one of the longest rivers in Europe complete with gorgeous scenery and views. Exploring the Alps and the Rhine river would be a great travel option for nature enthusiasts. Travel guides are available to help assess the best route to take when traveling through the German southland.

A Germany travel guide will give you more detailed information on flights, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and other accommodations. You can find a video travel guide or purchase a book.. A travel book on Germany can give you a list of key words and phrases to remember when you are traveling in case you need to speak with a local for directions or advice on restaurants and sightseeing locales.

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#1. A Book for Burning Elsa is an 18 year old girl who lives in Berlin, Germany during WWII she lives with her father and two twin brothers Bruno and Rudy who are 22. Elsa's mother died in child birth and her father (Hans) is a drunk, Elsa loves books and piano and her brother Bruno is a hard core Hitler follower. When war comes Bruno signs up and Rudy is conscripted, days before they leave their drunk father dies leaving Elsa alone. They make arrangements for Elsa to go and live with her three uncles in the countryside along with two aunts and four cousins. Elsa finds it very hard at first not being around those she know, but soon adapts and embraces the change, four months later Elsa is out riding and finds a half dead young man by a small creek. She takes him back without really thinking and asks her aunts for help in treating him, they are afraid. The man is in striped clothing with the star of david on the arm, he is a Jew that escaped from a camp several miles from their home. They hid him and care for him. #2. (No idea what I'm calling this one any suggestions would be get) Esther is 24 and a holocaust survivor, she is haunted by the memories of the camps when she was 13, but one memory haunted her the most. Within the first few days of being in the camps she was raped by one of the soldiers who supervised the camp she was in. Esther fell pregnant but the soldier made sure she was give plenty of food and enough warm clothes to ensure she wouldn't lose the baby. As she was in labour the soldier was present and took they baby as soon as he was born, he and his wife couldn't have children...so that was his solution. For 11 years Esther had tried to find the soldier and his wife but was unable to, so she enlists the help of two people, an investigative journalist called Mia Teal and a private investigator called Peter Gilrick. They hunt down the family and find the soldier who had raped her but no sign of Esther's child or his wife. The soldier explains that his wife was mortified that he would do such a thing to a poor innocent girl "even if she was Jew", she left him and felt obliged to take the child with her. So they go on looking. Well there they are, what do you think? and if you have any ideas for titles for my second story that would be appreciated :)
2 answers - Asked By: - January 23, 2014, 1:25 am
Yes, of course there'll be idiots everywhere, but this question is only for those who know that some peoples have a higher percentage, and a lower collective IQ, of others. I live in Italy - I have the feeling this is one of the, if not THE most stupid country in Europe right now. I WANT TO MOVE. I want to be in a more functioning, more rational, less idiotic country with less assholes and idiots, thank you. There is no chance everywhere it's the same - yet, I do not expect perfection, just a more functioning and livable, culturally alive and inspiring environment, with less idiocy - not completely rid of it, I know that doesn't exist. What would that country be? What is the least dumbed-down country of Europe and if you like to mention some country outside of europe, that's ok too, why not. Me thinks there is a chance Denmark could be the less idiotic country in Europe. I don't trust upper scandinavian countries. I am half icelandic, lived in Iceland: Iceland is much idiotic; small town mentality, too small of a "country", any other scandinavian one would be better. Among northern ones, I haven't been to Denmark and I would like to try that as a less imbecilic country. No chance it's as bad as Italy! Let's look at the CONTEMPORARY (not past, not historical, which means nothing today...) cultural production too, Italy's is the worst. Italian popular TV, music, movies, the whole of contemporary mass cultural production, sucks (and please, a single good movie or artist is an EXCEPTION). The way most italian dress and their general taste is more stupid than that of northern europeans, they have no taste or style. Good italian fashion is just that of an elite. The average italian is NOT dressed with taste and is very much ignorant and uncultured, a simple mind and a simple heart. France, could be better? Don't like Spain much, could be a bit better but still too similar to Italy (Italy would be something between Spain and Greece, culturally speaking). Germany, yes, been there and it's definitely better than Italy in terms of organization, and culturally, at least in places like Berlin. But I'm looking for the best ones, for the least dumb of them all. If you're well travelled, you can maybe provide some valid input. Again, this question is for people who, apart from being well travelled (and possibly LIVED in several places), are aware that generalization is an essential tool of sociological understanding, and who know that some peoples are worse or better than others in certain areas and have different features. I do not care about people who think otherwise, it's simply not the way it is, period. It's not a question of racism - I just want to be in a better place on earth, I think I deserve better than this s.hithole. I am a world citizen and I have zero national pride, so, I can be anywhere. "those who know that some peoples have a higher percentage, and a lower collective IQ, of others. " I meant: those who know that some peoples/nations have a higher percentage OF IDIOTS, and a lower collective IQ, of other peoples" @ ringoshaw: you're right, maybe I used the word improperly; I was actually referring to the movie "Idiocracy": idiocratic as in that sense. Democracy: democratic; Idiocracy: idiocratic...I actually forgot about idiocratic being a separate word with a separate meaning, being english not my first language. You're right.
5 answers - Asked By: - January 19, 2014, 5:25 pm
I play on going backpacking/camping across Europe, and across the world. I would of course stay in a few hostels here and here. Ill have 6500 US dollars but will only spend it if I have to, bare minimum. Im traveling with a 45L pack w/ one person tent weighing at 12 lbs. Any tips on where to go that's cheap? (where US currency worth more) I would like to start this long eye opening journey by living somewhere for a few months, and getting a job to make living easier. I just want to experience the world in my own experience. Any certain path you took? country to country? I would love to hear your story. The more the merrier. Im 22, ill be 24 when I begin this so fairly social areas would be cool. Im not really into clubbing, just want to meet cool people. Few places ive decides I will hit on my trip. (More like living abroad) Not in this order: Norway Italy France Berlin Geneva Netherlands Amsterdam Brazil Denmark Ireland Argentina Greece Israel Sri Lanka Costa Rica Bolivia Macedonia Sweden Spain Germany Russia Berlin England and more.. Haha. Going to be a long adventure.
1 answers - Asked By: - January 11, 2014, 6:21 am
Im 21years old, yes im depressed atm but this isnt anything new to me and I have way more control over my emotions then in the past. I spent the last year backpacking across the country searching for something, I didnt find it, instead all I found was that no matter where I go there are few that can relate to me. Im tired of being forced to conform to a left brain society centered around materialism, greed, and superficiality. Im tired of being alone, im tired of having to answer to morons. Now im back home and depressed again, my parents want me to go to school the problem is theres nothing at the community college I find interesting, I want to focus on my music and writing. Even when im around "friends" and "family" I feel alone because they're all plugged into the matrix living a lie and they see me as a deadbeat loser even though they wont say it. Idk what I should do, theres a girl halfway across the country who wants to leave the country with me and go to south America. Idk if anything would change if I left. Theres days like today when I feel like dying, I think about how dark my life has been dispite the rare moments of beauty and I can honestly say if I died right now I could care less. I've become misanthropic, cold, and apathetic, idk what I can do. They say call upon god but I feel trapped in this sick unjust society and theres nothing I can do about it. Have you ever felt like your ready to die? What did you do? @chi girl- I am not crazy, im just a very sensitive individual since birth, Im highly offended you would want to put me on those zombie pills. The only anti depressent I would perscribe is ganja.
7 answers - Asked By: - January 7, 2014, 6:18 pm
Im traveling around europe and writing blog,so just wondering wich is the most expensive restourant where you can see rich people and celebreties?
1 answers - Asked By: - January 6, 2014, 9:34 am