Europe Travel Tips: 7 Essential Items to Pack

Packing right can be an important part of any travel experience. Bring too much, and it can be a huge burden to drag that heavy luggage everywhere...

Packing right can be an important part of any travel experience. Bring too much, and it can be a huge burden to drag that heavy luggage everywhere you go, but bring too little and you might regret not having that one essential item that may be difficult to find overseas.

Consider these seven essential items and you’ll be on your way to discovering the perfect balance.


Europe Travel Tips: 7 Essential Items to Pack

Comfortable shoes


Comfortable shoes may be the most crucial item of all. The likelihood of using those sky-high heels is slim – unless you’ll be attending a wedding or event that requires fancy dress, you’re better off leaving them at home. Comfortable walking shoes are a must for exploring – what’s a vacation if you don’t check out what the area has to offer?


If you’re heading to the beach or regions of southern Europe you may need a pair of flip-flops or hiking shoes for those beautiful mountain destinations. Remember, heels can equal blisters which will quickly ruin any vacation.




Daypacks can be a lifesaver – no matter where you’re traveling, you’ll probably need something to carry those maps and guide books without having to lug around a heavy suitcase. They’re also ideal for electronic gadgets like an iPad and perfect for carrying bottled water and snacks in case you aren’t in an area with much available as far as food and beverage.




Speaking of maps, it’s a good idea to print out maps online of the area you’ll be staying in and places you would like to visit. It’s much easier to carry a few pieces of paper than large folding maps or books, and it’s cheaper too.


Important documents


Make copies of any important documents, such as your passport or any health insurance cards so that if in the rare event they are stolen – or lost, having a copy will speed up the ability to replace them. Include a list of telephone numbers for important contacts like your bank and credit card companies so that they’ll be readily available.

Travel alarm


Remember, wake up calls don’t always happen, even in luxury hotels. Setting a new alarm clock can easily end up in disaster when it doesn’t go off and causes a missed scheduled activity or event. While many rely on their cell phones as an alarm, they often forget that it may not work internationally.


Rain gear


Eastern Europe tends to have a drier climate while western and southern Europe tends to have a rainier, oceanic climate. Bringing rain gear can make an uncomfortable experience at least tolerable. Packing a rain poncho or collapsible umbrella takes little room and can be a real lifesaver.


Clothing musts


Of course clothing will take up the majority of your suitcase and can be the most difficult decision of all. By checking the weather forecast of your destination just before embarking on the journey, it will be easier to pack according to what will really be needed.


Avoid bringing items that may be worn “just in case,” as they’re likely to just take up precious space. Choosing a main, neutral color like blacks or browns while including accessories that match can go a long way; by wearing the heaviest clothing on your flight you can often avoid those extra baggage fees.


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