Europe is that enchanting continent which seems to have existed since time immemorial and has still managed to retain its historical and cultural...

Europe is that enchanting continent which seems to have existed since time immemorial and has still managed to retain its historical and cultural flavor, despite the changes in time and technology. Of course, it’s a blunder to say that Europe has remained untouched by the passage of time. However, Europe is where bucolic charm and modernity coexist without a trace of jarring transformations. Among the many destinations in Europe, the famed ones undoubtedly are United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

Europe Things to See & DO

However, lesser known countries like Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia and other smaller ones are equally riveting.


EU citizens do not have border restrictions between 22 European countries. So, for passport application and formalities, one needs to have a valid passport and no visa to travel within the EU territories. Barring some non-EU citizens, others require visa within the European regions. But the visit should not exceed 3 months. However, a valid passport is a must for the rest, and passport application and visa rules differ for different countries.


A Swiss holiday is a well-deserved break to beat the heat in the plains. Switzerland’s beauty is indescribable, and, you got to visit this paradise to relish its bounties! Trekking the Mont Blanc the highest mountain in the Alps is every tourist’s dream! Gliding along the snow-white fields in winter, sashaying along Lake Lucerne in summer are things every avid traveler would include in his ‘must-see, must-do’ list.


United Kingdom beckons every history lover! Magnificent museums, arty theaters, palatial palaces, quaint cathedrals and pretty villages dot the place. England’s London Eye a recent creation vies for attention with the famed Westminster Abbey and the London Bridge. Gliding along River Thames, taking in the serene scene can be extremely rewarding. Madam Tussauds¬† chamber of Horror’ is for the lover of spooky thrills! The Buckingham Palace has never failed to intrigue visitors. Ireland offers serene seclusion for a soothing holiday with its sparse population and scenic beauty.


If free-spirited enjoyment is what you long for, head to Austria! The best way to discover Austria is through a train journey. Austria’s picturesque countryside, breathtaking mountains, stunning landscape and its alpine meadows will be etched in your memory forever! Most visitors to Vienna discard their wagon and prefer to amble along the streets. Delicious cakes and wine are any food connoisseur’s delight. Every moment spent here is savored by visitors.

Visitors never miss a visit to Salzburg to experience how it might’ve been in the times of ‘Sound of Music’. ‘The Von Trapp Mansion’ is the place where Maria arrives!


Italy, France and Greece are ideal for a cruise holiday. ‘Languor’ is an idyllic activity looked forward to by vacationers, and basking in the warmth of the Mediterranean is what an ideal vacation looks like! Football fans would love a visit to Spain’s Barcelona. One of the most romantic moments cherished by couples would be a gondola trip in Venice.


Belgium’s chocolate and cheese and sprouts are any food aficionados’ delight. Some of Europe’s oldest shopping arcades are located in Belgium and it’s indeed a shopper’s paradise with its quaint curios.


Netherlands with its famous Tulips, pristine lakes and windmills is still sought after by film-makers and tourists alike. Amsterdam and Belgium can be covered together due to their proximity.


The whole of Europe offers a peek into an era gone by, but a visit to Czech Republic is where visitors find, that time has stood still! Cobblestone streets, Gothic churches, baroque buildings and old-world museums are the things that have lent Prague the capital city, a unique charm. The privacy Prague offers, and its untouched splendor makes it simply spellbinding.


A single visit to Europe never satiates visitors and this is one destination people would love to return to, again and again!


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