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Irelandís Tourism Facts and Information

Visitors from around the world stop to savor the splendor of Ireland. Ireland is one of the world's best travel destinations with nearly 6,400,000 foreign travelers vacationing in the country annually. Great Britain had the highest number of tourists visit the country with the United States coming in second followed by Germany, France, and then Italy. Most tourists are attracted to the landscapes, the affable pubs, and the influence of the arts. The first image that usually comes to mind regarding Ireland is a green shamrock and St. Patrick's Day. These symbols are a reminder of the special heritage and pride and satisfaction that Irish people take in their birthright.

The most traveled to areas in Ireland were Dublin, Southwest Ireland, the West of Ireland, Southeast Ireland, and the Shannon Region. Some areas of the country remain quiet and largely unaffected by the tourism in other areas. Most travelers spent most of their money on food and beverages, room and board, shopping and transportation. Most tourists come to Ireland by air, but others may come abroad by ferry or boat. Some of the most common activities of tourists in Ireland are hiking through the rugged terrain, angling, bicycling along the streets, equestrian sports, and golf.

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Ireland is a fairly small island, but the country still offers many exciting places to visit including the Emerald Isle, Bru na Boinne, the Burren in Galway Bay, the Lakes of Killarney, and the Ring of Kerry. Each of these holds unique value to the country shedding light and providing information on its cultural traditions and heritages. One of the reasons that Ireland travel is considered an important stop during any European tour is because of the affable and pleasant dispositions of the people. Ireland is widely recognized around the world for their genial attitudes and boisterous vernacular.

Travelers that prefer independent travel are best suited for a trip to Ireland as this country easily accommodates visitors who prefer to move from place to place individually. Advice and recommendations on the best accommodations, restaurants, and pubs are readily available to the inquisitive traveler. The country is a safe and engaging area for tourists and residents alike. It is a good idea to understand the recent currency exchange rates in Ireland before making a trip. Ireland is one of the most traveled to places in the world because the beautiful landscapes and warm people make a visit truly memorable.