Exploring Pizza and the Historic Heart of Naples, Italy

There are so many reasons to visit Naples. Its historic core is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with narrow winding streets that evoke an earlier time....

There are so many reasons to visit Naples. Its historic core is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with narrow winding streets that evoke an earlier time. However, the most memorable experience of every visit to Naples has to do more with the flavours of this charming and vivacious Italian city.
Naples is the city that invented pizza. Today, it takes this legacy seriously. In order to be able to make and serve an authentic Neapolitan pizza, one must study, and serve as an apprentice for at least two years. There are also rules. Real Naples pizza must be made of dough that is allowed to sit and rise overnight, for at least ten hours. Some pizzerias in Naples date back more than 150 years, and are stringent about the quality of their historic food. You will not find any pineapple, goat’s cheese or pulled pork on these classic pizzas.

Historic Heart of Naples, Italy

For centuries, Naples was one of the cultural centres of Europe. In the Historic Centre of the city, the best way to explore is by just wandering. Spend the day strolling by the shops and stopping at the cafés along the Via San Biago, so you can sip wine and just watch the people wandering by.
In the heart of the Historic District, the Cappella Sansevero is a beautiful and historic church that dates back to the 16th century. The chapel itself is exquisite, and it is home to some of the most visited works of art in Naples. The “Veiled Christ” is such a delicate sculpture that it has moved people to tears.


One of the best ways to spend an evening in Naples is by heading to the opera. Originally built by King Charles of Bourbon in the early 18th century, the Teatro San Carlo is the now oldest opera house in the world. Today, this still has its perfect acoustics. The opera legends of Rossini and Verdi were associated with the Teatro San Carlo. Even if you’re not an opera buff, you should give it a try here in Naples.


No visit to Naples is complete without heading out of town to visit one of the most popular, and most heart-breaking, tourist sites in all of Italy. In 79 AD, nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum were decimated by an eruption from the towering Mt. Vesuvius. Millions of people come from around the world to see the ruins of two cities frozen in time by this tragedy. Pompeii is the larger, more elaborate site, while Herculaneum is smaller and has fewer crowds. In both places, you can explore the ruined streets of actual Roman towns, while the white casts that show where the victims of the volcano died act as a tragic reminder of the human cost of this disaster thousands of years ago.

A visit to Naples is also an excellent starting off point for exploring the most beautiful section of Italy’s coastline. Head south from the city to the striking Amalfi Coast. Play on the beaches of Positano, and see the famous Blue Grotto of Capri. The rugged cliffs of Italy, the beautiful beaches, and the charming towns will be every bit as memorable, flavourful and delightful as your first taste of true Neapolitan pizza.


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