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Most Amazing Facts about Monuments In Europe

View of Athens and the Erechtheum (porch of the Caryatids) from the Acropolis.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France • The Eiffel tower was once repurposed as a giant radio antenna to save it from being demolished in 1909. • Temperature changes cause the height of the Eiffel tower to change by nearly 16 inches. • The French were smart: to keep Hitler from reaching the top of the […]

View Paris and Dine at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, Paris in France

If you are visiting Paris, you will find several spots that are must see destinations for travelers. You will want to visit the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and of course, you will want to visit the Eiffel Tower. This tower is easily the most recognized landmark in France, and it is one of the […]

New Year’s Eve in Vienna

New Year’s Eve in Vienna, Austria

New Year’s Eve is special in every city, but in Vienna, the end of the year is a musical affair.  From world famous orchestras to waltz parties, elegant dance balls to crowded and joyful beer houses, every one celebrates New Year’s Eve in Vienna with a song in their heart and a dance in their […]

Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas in Barcelona, Spain

Christmas is a magical time around the world, especially in the picturesque Spanish city of Barcelona.   The Catalan city embraces all the aspects of the Christmas season, celebrating for weeks in December, and long into January. The Christmas season starts in Barcelona at the end of November, when festive and joyful Christmas markets start to […]

‘Vampire’ Skeleton Display Expected to Bring Hordes of Tourists to Sofia, Bulgaria

‘Vampire’ Skeleton Display Expected to Bring Hordes of Tourists to Sofia, Bulgaria

A 700-year-old skeleton that will be put on display beginning  Saturday, 16 of June at the National Museum of History in Sofia, Bulgaria is causing quite a stir with the media reporting that tourism officials may bring a huge boost to the nation’s already growing tourism industry.   The “vampire” skeletons were discovered in the […]

The Rugged Island Beauty of Palermo, Sicily

The Rugged Island Beauty of Palermo, Sicily -Europe

Every school child in the world is familiar with the island of Sicily, as it is playfully and everlastingly kicked into the sunny Mediterranean Sea by the boot of Italy.  This island has one of the most impressive landscapes in all of Italy, with a unique history, historic ruins, few tourists, and delightful cuisine.  Anyone […]

Travel Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest

Travel Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest, Munich

The world’s largest fair, Munich Germany’s Oktoberfest is set to begin in less than two weeks. What started as a horse race a little over two centuries ago turned into the world’s grandest party. Now is the time to plan to attend this famous fun event; here is your travel guide to attending Oktoberfest in […]

Five Reasons to Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Five Reasons to Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

There are many reasons to visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen. This highly underrated destination is filled with friendly people, and the nation of Denmark has often been ranked as the happiest country on the planet. If you still need an excuse to travel to this Scandinavian nation, here are five more reasons you should […]

Autumn in Istanbul, Turkey: Don’t Miss this Exotic Travel Destination

Autumn in Istanbul, Turkey: Don’t Miss this Exotic Travel Destination

With autumn just around the corner, this is one of the best times of year to travel to many destinations across Europe, and Istanbul, Turkey is no exception. This fascinating city is filled with stunning architecture and beautiful natural landscapes as well as many historical sites as the former capital of three empires, Roman Byzantine […]

Top Attractions to see in Ljubljana

Top Attractions in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Not many people have heard of Ljubljana, but those that have know that it is a wonderful city to visit. As the capital of Slovenia, the city is home to a wide variety of cultural sites, historic locations, and unique architecture. When you visit Ljubljana, you will definitely want to choose the attractions listed above. […]

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