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Bosnia Famous Places to Visit

  • Sarajevo the national capital
  • Banja Luka the second largest city, capital of Republika Srpska
  • Bihac city on Croatian border, surrounded by an impressive nature
  • Doboj city with a colourful nightlife and an impressive 14th-century fortress
  • Fojnica near the Fransiscan monastery, the heart of Bosnian catholicism
  • Medugorje inland town between mountains with a mild Mediterranean climate, but perhaps best known due to claims of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six locals
  • Mostar nice old town on Neretva River, symbolized by its medieval bridge
  • Neum the only coastal town, with sandy beaches backed by steep hills
  • Tuzla third largest city with much industry, though has a lovely old town and monuments to the brutal war too
  • Zenica city with an Ottoman old quarter