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Denmark Landmarks and National Parks

  • Legoland - Revive your childhood in the fantastic miniature cities or indulge with your kids in the thrill rides of home of the LEGO bricks.
  • Grenen - Discover the mythical light that has inspired a phleora of painters in one of Denmark's sunniest spots, have your feet in two different oceans or chill in the picturesque village of Skagen .
  • Leso - Get away from it all in this remote island in Denmark's "desert belt", ride through the sand dunes on horseback and see unique farmhouses with seaweed roofs.
  • Mon - Quaint and picturesque country side with viking burial mounds and the dramatic 128 meter white chalk cliffs of Mons Klint .
  • The Lake district - between Silkeborg and Skanderborg is one of the country's most beautiful areas.

source: Wikitravel.org