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Estonia Landmarks and National Parks

  • Hiiumaa second largest island of Estonia
  • Karula National Park the smallest national park, located in South Estonia
  • Lahemaa National Park 50km east of Tallinn, with 1000 sq km of bays, peninsulas and forests
  • Matsalu National Park one of the largest and most important autumn stopping grounds for migratory birds in Europe
  • Saaremaa including the town of Kuressaare and one of few well-preserved medieval castles in the Baltics
  • Soomaa National Park peat bog formed from glacier melt around 11,000 years ago
  • Vilsandi National Park covers 238 sq km, including 163 sq km of sea and 75 sq km of land, plus 160 islands and islets.


source: Wikitravel.org