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Germany Landmarks and National Parks


  • Heuneburg , Baden-Wurttemberg ( seat of an important Celtic prince in the Late Hallstatt Period ).
  • Hochdorf and Hohmihele , near Ludwigsburg ( tombs of Celtic princes ).
  • Limes , about 550 kilometers, from Regensburg to North of Mainz - Roman fortifications against the barbaric German tribes
  • Trier , ( oldest German town with the best preserved Roman buildings north of the Alps ).
  • Xanten , ( excavations of the Roman town Colonia Ulpia Traiana, rendering a complete picture of a Roman colonial town )


  • The Baltic Sea Coast ( Ostseekuste ) and North Sea Coast ( Nordseekuste ), with picturesque islands such as Rugen, the North and East ( Ostfriesische Inseln ) Frisian Islands.

  • The Rhine Valley ( Mittelrhein ) between Bonn and Bingen and the Upper Rhine Valley ( Oberrheinische Tiefebene ) between Bingen and Basel, Switzerland. Home to the Ruhr area( ntic artists who said its landscape was of the aesthetic beauty of Switzerland's.

  • Black Forest ( Schwarzwald ) A region with wide mountain peaks, paranomic views , it is a haven for tourists and hikers.
  • Lake Constance ( Bodensee ). An extremely beautiful corner of Central Europe, it boasts water sports and beautiful towns and villages to be seen by the visitor.

  • The Bavarian Alps ( Bayrische Alpen ), home to the world famous Neuschwanstein castle, and Germany's best skiing and snowboarding resorts. Endless Hiking and mountain biking.

  • The Castle Road ( Burgenstra?e ) is a theme route over 1000 km in length in southern Germany and a small portion in the Czech Republic, between Mannheim and Prague. It passes by many historical castles. Old World Europe alive and well!

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