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Albania Landmarks and National Parks

  • Albanian Alps This mountainous complex on the north of the country forms the border between Albania and Montenegro. Rich on rainfalls, sheep, bare rocks and scenic views it is one of the places in Albania you should see. One of the places where you can be less than 10 km away from the nearest village and still have a day long trip there.

  • Butrint Largest archaeological site from Greek era in Albania. It lies on the coast in the southernmost tip of the country, near the Greek border. Minibuses are available from Saranda.

  • Bylis second largest archaeological site from Roman era in Albania

  • Dhermi one of the finest of the many beaches along the coastal road between Vlore and Saranda, perfect for camping.

  • Lure National Park a 1,280 hectare national park with high mountains, big meadows, and glacial lakes.

  • Tomorr Mountain ridge in the southern part of Albania, not far from Berat . This part of the country is formed by parallel mountain ridges (up to around 2000-2500 m) separated by valleys. Although the ridges are not very long, they offer few days of hiking with enormous scenic beauty and fantastic panoramic views. Tomorri is one of the most known ridges with a Bektash monastery and chapel on the very top.

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